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I'm BoomerangBro. Call me Booms if you want.
I mainly make Super Mario Maker Mods and Mods for Wii Games.
Nothing more to say, really.

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Ima make a XP mario maker Theme thanks for the idea XD :up:
Posted on 10-26-17, 06:17 pm in Windows XP (rev. 1 by BoomerangBro on 10-26-17, 06:17 pm)
NightYoshi sorry i didnt explain it right with "Not WiiU" i meant i hack games of the NORMAL Wii and SMM for WiiU
Posted on 10-18-17, 05:10 am in Introduce yourself!
Hi I'm BoomerangBro, call me Booms if you want.
I like to mod SMM and most Wii Games (Not WiiU)
My Profile Picture below because i dont know anything else to put there xD

Posted on 10-17-17, 06:17 pm in Introduce yourself!