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Super Mario Maker

Level showcase

If you want more levels, you can check out the SMMDB site.
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Tips, Tricks and Glitches

Maybe their's a really cool mechanic you can perhaps show off?
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Hacking info

Learn how to hack Super Mario Maker from the hacking community or assist others!
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Subforums: Project Releases, Questions and Answers, Request a project!
Fan Games

Gatete's Engine

Gatete Mario Engine: Anniversary Edition is a open-source Mario Engine
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Last post: 12-24-18, 05:23 pm, by NightYoshi370 »

Super Mario ReMaker

A Super Mario Maker clone for PC (originally made by Lu9) that is meant to capture FanWork.
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Last post: 06-14-19, 07:40 pm, by imnotgay10123 »

Super Mario Unimaker

Another Super Mario Maker clone for the PC. It is developed by Mario.Silva
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Last post: 05-10-19, 02:03 am, by DesertedZ »

Other fangames

You have other fangames you'd like to talk about? Do it here!
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Super Forum Maker

Latest News

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General Chat

The place to talk about anything that isn't spam
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General Modding

Basically for other ROM hacks, console mods, and others
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Mario Making Mods Talk

Here is where we can talk about the forum, make suggestions, etc.
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SMB3 Underwater Theme

The Hall of Fame

The threads that shall be remembered, in our hearts.
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Forgotten Depths

Nobody uses the SMB3 Underwater Theme. Don't look in here, either.
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