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WTF does this mean?

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That sunset mod you were talking about, I don't believe that was made by me


Nice, feel free to release it as your own mod. Does it look good in-game though ?



falling upwards

it's the sky sunset one


sorry that i didnt see it from the first moment...


"Sky Sunset"? Or NSMB2 sky, or something else?

falling upwards

hey, nice tileset. Mind if I use it in a video?




I think I get you, AMAZING IDEA!


Where can I find it?




For beach right? And if you made one am am gonna say: "HOLY S*IT, HE FOUND TEXTURES FOR THE BEACH!!!!"




YES!! (and music, AND BG :D) But only tileset would help me a lot!!!!
I have 2 questions:
Has annyone made a working version of the hammer brother suit for new super Mario bros U?
Can I somehow contact someone of the Newer team?
THX and keep on making!
Posted on 02-02-20, 07:25 pm in Some questions
Hello, I need help for my Yoshi's island mod, because the BG's and .pack files just turn white, black and blue in game, is someone verry good at changing .pack files and the BG's from SMW style? (BG can be fixed when you (hopefully) sign in, I maby know what I do wrong on the BG's)).

Thanks a lot
Posted on 12-10-19, 01:40 pm in NEED HELP WITH .pack FILES


P.S.: I just want to know what you think.
Posted on 12-09-19, 04:22 pm in vote!vote!voteeeee!!!!! What do you prefer? (see poll)
Yeah, I voted... I am working on it but at the moment the underground BG crashes the game and the overworld bg just freaks out, but I know the problem and I am working on it.
Posted on 12-09-19, 04:15 pm in sneswii usmm 1yoshi Yoshi's Island ver 1.0 release
Hello, this is a mod that changes the SMW theme from SMM1 into SMW2/Yoshi's Island

Theme's done:




If you want to hek-lp converting files, that is good, tilesets I want to do myselfs.
Thank you and have fun!
Posted on 12-07-19, 05:45 pm in sneswii usmm 1yoshi Yoshi's Island ver 1.0 release (rev. 1 by .NET on 12-08-19, 03:12 pm)
Hello, I am working on a Yoshi's Island (SMW2) mod for SMM1 & 2 (2 will release when 1 is done), but it is just a fast post for knowing hat you think of it, there isn't anny music or custom animated tiles, this is just a test to know what you think of it (like I just said), I almost had to draw 50% or more of this tileset by hand and that is why I want to know.

Thanks for playing and just reading it!
If you have anny ideas to make the Yoshi's Island feel better, let me know!

Again thanks and enjoy!

Posted on 12-04-19, 06:12 pm in yoshisnessmm1wiiusmw2 Yoshi's Island in SMM1
this is fun, but...
Posted on 11-11-19, 04:31 pm in smm2switchsmb1smb3nsmbusmm2-mod Exploding Buzzy Beetles in smm2
Heyo! I made a Rock Candy Mines tileset, some people will maby ask me: "Where did you find all the tiles, becouse Rock Candy Mines levels are made out of squares!" My anwser: I made them custom :D

Day download:
Night download:

If you make a mod with this tileset, please give credit, and replace with the acorn plains theme, I would want that music.
Thanks to everyone that wants to help!

If someone is able to make the rock candy mines BG, not the NSMBWii Mountain BG, but the real NSMBU one, I would really like that!
Posted on 09-08-19, 12:09 pm in Rock Candy Mines Tileset Finished (rev. 1 by .NET on 09-08-19, 01:14 pm)
Posted on 09-06-19, 05:21 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
NEW!!!! Night tileset (Almost no difference) Download:
Posted on 09-03-19, 06:27 pm in Volcano Tileset NSMBU finished!
Hello, I am looking for the gold ring beats from the volcano theme from NSMB2, but without music! (This is the volcano theme, the bell sounds are what I would like to have: ) Let me know if you can give me them or you know someone else that does!

I would want to use the beats for the night theme mod.

Thanks to everyone that wants to help and thanks to everyone that does not want to help!

Ps.: I know this is not the right place to quest this, but just help please.

I DON'T NEED THEM ANNYMORE, THANKS! (I used capital letters to make shure you see this and not becouse I am angry.)
Posted on 09-03-19, 04:12 pm in Song needed (rev. 2 by .NET on 09-08-19, 01:17 pm)
Thanks so much! If I hack my switch once, I'll definitly test it! And don't forgrt that if you find wrong tiles, say it please, I would want to fix that my selfs (not that I don't trust you because I do trust you). so THANKS SO MUCH!
Posted on 09-01-19, 07:20 pm in Volcano Tileset NSMBU finished!
Euuh, this is the dark (underground) tileset, or do you mean you are gonna make the mod files? Thanks after all!
Posted on 09-01-19, 02:04 pm in Volcano Tileset NSMBU finished!
Hi! I made a volcano (underground) tileset for mario maker 2, fully finished. But because I just have my switch and mario maker 2 for one month, I would want to wait a little bit with hacking it. So I would like it if someone could test it (, send some screenshots) and say it if there are ugly tiles in it.

Tileset download:
NEW!!!! Night tileset! (Almost no difference) Download:
WillyMaker for the SMM1 base
DotNet (me) for editing the SMM1 base a little bit
DotNet (me) for ALL SMM2 changes

You may release it, but give credits!!! ALSO TO WILLYMAKER!!!!
Thanks to all the people around the world that want to help and also thanks to all the people around the world that don't want to help!

Ps.: Can someone tell me what the filetype of the tilesets and 2D bg's are in SMM2? Is it still .szs or something else?
Posted on 09-01-19, 12:07 pm in Volcano Tileset NSMBU finished! (rev. 2 by .NET on 09-03-19, 06:26 pm)
WOW, can't wait for it to come out!!!
Posted on 09-01-19, 10:23 am in smm2 Super Mario Bros. Special Mod for SMM2
But I dont find the steep slopes in the tilesets from new sup u and new luigi u... I know I've seen them, but I dont find them back...
(edit): Ps.: I also have a M1 tileset, it is my first SMM2 tileset, I made custom ground to:,7fanr5qxar26fr1/shared

Posted on 08-23-19, 02:05 pm in I created Beach tilesets for 3 styles for SMM2. (rev. 3 by .NET on 08-23-19, 02:51 pm)
@DrEmoji Why did you delete a post? Was it something stupid 😉
Posted on 08-18-19, 04:45 pm in mario maker 2texturesneeded mod switch Needed textures (rev. 1 by .NET on 08-18-19, 04:46 pm)
I have a 85% finished beach tileset for new sup u, fully working on it at the moment
Posted on 08-18-19, 04:41 pm in I created Beach tilesets for 3 styles for SMM2. (rev. 1 by .NET on 08-18-19, 04:42 pm)
I know, I am not that good at this site... Can you show me where to ask this else? And I am talking about the textures of mario 3D world, sorry that I forgot to say that... They are not on the textures
Posted on 08-12-19, 09:28 am in mario maker 2texturesneeded mod switch Needed textures (rev. 1 by .NET on 08-12-19, 09:29 am)
Can someone send me the .PNG version of the textures from cookie cogworks? Ik need the ones from the cookies and the ground (chocolat). I alsof need the sand textures foto beach and red walls from the chinese roof level 'hands on hall', I alsof need the green roof. Thx to everyone that's helping me!
Posted on 08-12-19, 08:01 am in mario maker 2texturesneeded mod switch Needed textures