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I tested your mod, sunset thing, but almost every animation is blue... What doe I have to doe to remove that?


making stuff (sorry for making a second message, pressed enter...) so if you CAN and WANT TO you have the perission to .szs it and release it ;) (couse it's still almost fully yours...)


The thing you said on my account, me and my dad did not find out the problem in our . szs


*finished YOUR tileset


P.s. HI!!! I hope you have a nice day!!!


@Lakifume : , Finished you tileset ;), what doe you think of it?

falling upwards


Mario Silva

congratulations mah friend.


Happy B-Day!






you make good


Thank you all ! Yes I have the Wii and Wii U homebrew channel to play my mods. I use Haxchi to access it


hi, i was just wondering if you have to have homebrew to run the levels on SMM

Kirisame M

happy birthday !


Happy birthday


Happy birthday!!!


Happy birthday!


^^^^^^You might wanna post that on nightyoshi profile so he is notified of it and sees it.
Umm that's from Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, the forest theme
Posted on 02-02-19, 03:52 pm in Piranha Island Mod
Posted on 10-31-18, 05:58 pm in q&a Ask your SMM hacking questions here.
Sounds cool but the screenshots don't work.
Posted on 10-07-18, 03:22 am in Project autem
You added a costume, that's really cool !
Posted on 10-02-18, 11:14 am in wii ucostume mario Super Mario Maker Custom Costume Mario
I thought that the Metroid franchise deserved more than just a space theme so I made this:

This is mostly retextures but some enemy physics have been slightly modified to fit the Metroid universe better, so be aware that a few levels online might become impossible to complete (though very unlikely).
Mario's abilities are still the same. No Player Action Table edits here.

The update that I've been working on for a while has now been released, although you can still expect some minor tweaks in the future.

Todo list:

-Enemies will be given their real sprite size
-Backgrounds in the NSMBU style will have several layers
-NSMBU lighting on enemies will be disabled
-SMW will have its own coin icon
-NSMBU Peach cutscene background will have parallax scrolling
-SMW backgrounds will have some animations
-NSMBU 3d models will be replaced
-Sprite effects will be edited
-Thread screenshots will be updated

And before someone asks, no I will unfortunately not make a Switch version of this mod as SMM2 presents many technical difficulties and cannot be easily adapted to the Metroid universe but if someone else wants to port it, knock yourselves out !

Anyway, have fun !

Posted on 09-16-18, 09:03 pm in The Metroid Mod (rev. 9 by Lakifume on 11-26-19, 10:56 pm)
Posted on 09-14-18, 12:37 am in What's your favourite soda?
No there isn't
Posted on 08-30-18, 08:59 pm in Warioland Tileset port! (rev. 2 by Lakifume on 08-30-18, 09:07 pm)
You're right, NSMB2 in SMM 3DS would make way more sense than NSMBU. For the textures and musics however extract them from the game directly instead of taking it from the Internet.
Posted on 08-25-18, 01:51 am in requestnsmb2nsmbu3ds NSMB2 Mario Maker Mod Request
Well I'm busy with another project right now but once I'm done sure !
Posted on 08-15-18, 02:47 pm in smm wii u NSMBU Sky Theme
I started making this a while ago, I figured I should post it if anyone feels like finishing it (I've never gotten the pink-ish background to work that's why).
WU_Field_airship.png — 919.86 KiB, viewed 114 times
Posted on 08-15-18, 02:20 pm in smm wii u NSMBU Sky Theme
Could VR be considered as an SMM romhack since it changes all 4 styles ?
Posted on 08-14-18, 06:30 pm in What's your favorite mod for Super Mario Maker
What user name are you using ?
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:48 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso?
Bottom of the MMM page.
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:43 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso?
Well I haven't made any changes and the level works for me, if you join the discord server it'll be easier for us to help you.
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:40 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso?
Hum...send the ARC please, I can't decompress that.
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:26 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso?
Mediafire or Mega link.
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:21 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso?
Send me your level and I'll check it out.
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:20 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso?
That is weird, maybe it is something in your level that crashes the game. Make sure you didn't forget anything like an entrance or something.
Posted on 08-13-18, 02:17 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso?
Well first of all you need to make sure that your arc file is compressed as LH, use ntcompress to do so: (put those files in a folder as well as your level and double click on the "compress" file). To put it in your iso select the file that ends with ARC.LH, hit "replace" and replace it with the ".bin" version of your level. Also what editor are you using, Reggie or ReggieNext ?
Also for this kind of question, post in "General Modding" in the future.
Posted on 08-13-18, 01:23 am in question How do i put my NewerSMBW level into the NSMBW iso? (rev. 1 by Lakifume on 08-13-18, 01:25 am)
I've always loved the Casino Theme mod from Sonic 2 for some reason.
Posted on 08-10-18, 06:53 pm in What's your favorite mod for Super Mario Maker