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Oh, yeah, forgot to quest... Do I have to release your tileset, the almost not edetid one... Or both?


Are u the guy that sended me an invite for a server on discord? Or can't I trust it becouse it is not you?


Uuh, about the forrest tileset, I already moddifyd it: , Sorry, didn't see the message... :I




1. Is it possible to remove the build restrictions on the start area? If so, is there a simple solution to it?
Theoreticaly, yes. There are a few ways: memory modding, (formerly) the black hole glitch, or just modding the file that prevents you from building there.
2. How would I go about placing normally unavailable parts like the Stone and the standalone Lakitu into the level?
Memory modding is pretty much the only way to use the stone, for now. Placing a standalone lakitu can be done with the black hole glitch.
3. How do I make the Angry Sun usable in Night themes, and the Moon (and possibly the Rotten Mushroom) usable in Day themes?
The black hole glitch can do this.

If you're on the latest version, the black hole glitch is patched. You'd need to wait until another method is found.
Posted on 10-06-19, 06:11 pm in smm2 Course Maker Modification (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 10-06-19, 06:11 pm)
Do you still plan on uploading images?
Posted on 08-21-19, 02:19 am in wii uv1.04 Super Mario Maker Ultimate
I don't have a modded Wii U to test this. Did you actually add new things or did you just replace old things? What was added and what was replaced? Could you upload pictures?
Posted on 08-03-19, 04:03 am in wii uv1.04 Super Mario Maker Ultimate
Yes it is possible.
Posted on 07-17-19, 04:56 pm in Can we change NSMBU'S Angry Sun sprite in SMM2?
Can I make a Wii U version?
Yes, you may. Please do not modify it to have "your own touch" or anything like that. Also, please give credit where credit is due :)
Posted on 06-10-19, 04:21 pm in smw3ds SMM2 SMW Forest theme
Hiya! Long time no see. I wasn't planning on releasing this, but here we are. This is my port of the SMW Forest theme to SMM3DS! I wanted to get this out before SMM2 releases, so I apologize if you find any bugs. I likely won't be fixing them unless they're game-breaking. Don't worry, there are Palette icons included.

Here's what level previews look like.

Here it is in-game...

And here it is in the editor!

Here's the background. I am aware the actual background has holes in the leaves, but I'm not that good at sprite work.

Lastly, here's the tileset. Ignore the mess on the bottom, it won't affect gameplay.



Music: Originals by Nintendo, re-creations by me
Initial ground tileset: TheHackingYoshi, modified by me to closer match the SMM2 version
EditDB_DecorationTable.byaml (this file is what chooses what decorations are enabled in what styles and themes): Lakifume
Posted on 06-10-19, 05:18 am in smw3ds SMM2 SMW Forest theme
Finally uploaded the Wii U version. I apologize for the long delay. I've asked everyone I can think of if they could port the sprites over, but everyone held it off. The Wii U version is pretty much 1:1 with the 3DS version, but lacking in sprites. Thank you to everyone who helped me in the process!
Posted on 02-06-19, 11:11 pm in 3dssmwwii uswitch Volcano Theme

Oh, uh.. Thanks.

Posted on 08-06-18, 05:02 pm in Overcooked (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 08-07-18, 05:49 am)
How did you get such high FPS? And what did you use to record the footage to upload onto YouTube?
Posted on 08-03-18, 10:17 pm in Overcooked (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 08-03-18, 10:17 pm)
Isn't this one of the steps to do the black whole glitch? Still looks good BTW, but I am just curious

1. Not really. Just a bug used to put enemies in-between tiles.
2. Thanks.
Posted on 08-03-18, 10:06 pm in tuturial Centered upside-down cannon (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 08-03-18, 10:06 pm)

A really average level I made to test the Outside Ghost House theme. Starts off with a "puzzle" section, then enters a really difficult vine parkour section.

Posted on 08-03-18, 09:58 pm in The Overgrown Garden
It's as pointless as it sounds.

Step 1:
Place a big muncher underneath the enemy.

Step 2:
Slightly move the enemy until it stacks onto the muncher. You could also create the stack before the ceiling.

Step 3:
Place a big lava bubble directly over the muncher, then delete the lava bubble.

Aaaand that's it.
Posted on 08-03-18, 09:15 pm in tuturial Centered right-side up enemies under ceiling

Tee made a wii u port .so that's cool.

I might make a video on this, so stay tuned

Posted on 08-03-18, 08:45 pm in smw3dswii u Outside Ghost House
Huh, cool technique!

Posted on 08-03-18, 08:43 pm in tuturial Centered upside-down cannon
This is a centered upside-down cannon. Not sure what you'd want to use it in, but here it is. Looks best on upside-down pipes.

Due to the nature of this bug, you cannot edit anything while it is on or near the screen, or it will simply get put back on the grid. As a result, you have to finish the area you are placing it in before-hand.

Step 1:
Place a cannon (be it red or black) on top of a big muncher. It needs to be in a stack.

Step 2:
Move the ground you want the cannon on, over the cannon. In this example, I use a pipe. Choose the opposite direction you want it to fire in. Top right is going to be bottom left, and so on.

Step 3:
Place a big lava bubble directly over the muncher.

Step 4:
Drag the lava bubble far away from the cannon, and delete it. Return to the cannon, and voila!
Posted on 08-03-18, 08:38 pm in tuturial Centered upside-down cannon (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 08-03-18, 08:40 pm)
Hi guys! Today I have ported Epic_stuff's wonderful outside ghost house mod to WiiU.
I will try and get some screenshots soon.
Download is below.

Aww, thank you!
Posted on 08-03-18, 08:04 pm in wiiu portwiiu Epic Stuff Port Collection
Holy moly, this is awesome!
Thanks (*≧▽≦)
Posted on 07-27-18, 09:59 pm in smw3dswii u Outside Ghost House
This looks very good! Great job. :)
Posted on 07-27-18, 08:14 pm in smw3dswii u Outside Ghost House
I've been wanting to work on this for a long time now, and I've even had a song in mind for it. Unfortunately, due to the lack of animation editing, I couldn't do it. Now I can, and here it is!

Images [3DS]:



Credit to Im the Red Spy for the original background, Buntendo for assisting me with the final tileset, and tee for the full Wii U port.



Please report any issues to me so I can fix them, thank you!
Posted on 07-27-18, 08:06 pm in smw3dswii u Outside Ghost House (rev. 6 by tee on 10-10-18, 08:46 pm)
Can you upload the bg?
I'm gonna port the mod to Wii U

Posted on 07-27-18, 06:17 pm in smw3ds Beach Theme