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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Woohoo! That's what I needed!
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
	printf("Hello World!");

Discord: GRAnimated ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#4979

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falling upwards









im on a wii u


im running firefox 57 quantum



your post layout has quite litteraly gone to unreadable


Stuff like this takes a lot of time.
Posted on 04-06-19, 02:57 pm in wii u3dsnsmbu New Super Mario Bros. Wii/2 in SMM for Wii U and 3DS
Tiles will definitely be the same size but the layout will change for the new tiles. It won't be hard to re-arrange them though.
Posted on 03-02-19, 05:54 pm in Mario Maker 2 Tilesets
There are two pixels of padding on the edge of every block in the tileset.
Posted on 03-01-19, 11:30 pm in rcmrock candy minesnsmbu NSMBU Mountain Tileset for SMM (wait for a screenshot)
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Posted on 12-09-18, 01:55 am in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018 (rev. 1 by GRAnimated on 12-09-18, 02:24 am)
Aww man.
Posted on 10-15-18, 12:57 am in Nothing Mod! 0.1 (Wii U) (Release)
nightyoshi, what do you mean they're mostly 32x32? usually they're 16x16 and rarely 24x24, it's almost never 32x32.
Posted on 09-03-18, 03:01 pm in q&a Ask your SMM hacking questions here.
mine's this pokemon guy i found on google because rocks
Posted on 08-30-18, 09:15 pm in What's your favorite Pokemon?
for some reason zach gave daniel his all stars theme download and we've asked daniel to fix it but i don't think daniel has the mod anymore
Posted on 08-28-18, 03:33 pm in mario makerwii uv.1e3 2014 Mario Maker E3 2014 Mod
which was the base for MMBR, beta revived was built ontop of it and everything
Posted on 08-28-18, 02:57 am in mario makerwii uv.1e3 2014 Mario Maker E3 2014 Mod
NightYoshi, why say Daniel when you know beta revived has a whole team behind it?
Posted on 08-28-18, 02:53 am in mario makerwii uv.1e3 2014 Mario Maker E3 2014 Mod
then i have to replace stuff in my update files and back up the old files cuz i don't have my update merged with the base game anymore, since i compare files sometimes
Posted on 08-26-18, 08:03 pm in mario makerwii uv.1e3 2014 Mario Maker E3 2014 Mod
seeing as there's no photo, i don't feel like setting up my wii u just to see if it looks good or not so meh
Posted on 08-26-18, 08:01 pm in mario makerwii uv.1e3 2014 Mario Maker E3 2014 Mod
Very complicated, I might be able to shrink the steps down with a bit of Hex Editing, but overall this is pretty cool!
Posted on 08-21-18, 02:38 pm in tutorialwii uv1.2 delta How To: SMM (StaticSkin) Texture Expansion Tool v1.2 Delta

Buntendo: if you link piracy i'm going to force feed you baked beans

Posted on 07-25-18, 03:35 pm in The Quotes Thread
None of my mods are actually public, y'know, but to prepare, I have a few images to show you all of some of my mods! Once we can do texture mods, I'll redo some of them and release them!

Posted on 06-19-18, 11:23 pm in GRAnimated's Super Mario Odyssey Mods
I prefer #6, personally.
Posted on 05-21-18, 07:39 pm in HEATLH IN BOUND
1: It skips that.
2: You need Haxchi to load the game now, since the game is no longer signed on your Wii U (No way to get around that).
3: It's random when a console crashes, and it's likely not the mods, but it would most likely help.
Posted on 04-28-18, 12:46 pm in tutorialwiiu How to Perma-Install Mario Maker Mods!!
uhh you are around 4-5 months late on replying to that
Posted on 04-22-18, 03:03 pm in Don't Download Sonic Gather Battle
Someone on Blue Television Games's discord requested it, so I painstakingly made it! Download is the attached ZIP.
150 B — Downloaded 55 times
Posted on 04-11-18, 10:06 pm in Nothing Mod! 0.1 (Wii U) (Release)
i ended up getting it to work, it's possible through memory editing, but you could also edit your course save.
Posted on 04-08-18, 03:02 am in Timer Edit ?