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Since: 08-09-17
From: Bardoli, India
I am a science and technology enthusiast looking to learn more !

I don't mod that often but I play SMM everyday.

My main purpose in this forum is that I am the video editor for its YT channel. Be sure to check the videos out and give feedback.
I try to make em good and I love to hear critique and improve. I also love this community as it is very active and everyone is also polite. I stay active in the discord and I like talking to all the amazing modders there.

Thanks for reading!

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falling upwards

wow your older than me lol

falling upwards

Happy Birthday, TheNawab!


Oh whoops, you already responded. My bad


Hey, check twitter


Thanks R4z079 and Nyoshi!


Happy Birthday... even though it's probably too late in your area. Also, thanks for allowing me to test the birthday display feature on a particular site layout.


Happy Birthday!






Nawab, where did I see this name before... ??
Checked it out today for my YT playthroughs. Pretty good.
One thing I would suggest is making everything work on the first cycle to eliminate waiting sections. Other than that, the boss fight also felt rushed out.

4/5, Definitely would die again due to mushroom greed on the first screen.
Posted on 03-07-19, 08:12 pm in smmdbcastletraditional Spike-Shell Tower
Very nice.
Posted on 09-02-18, 08:13 am in smm wii unsmbu version Jungle Background
Mine is Cyndaquil.

Mine is Pikachu, mainly cause he is a super cool main character (aside from Sonic)
Then, Charizard cause he's a fire breathing Dragon that can fly

Posted on 08-31-18, 05:13 pm in What's your favorite Pokemon? (rev. 1 by TheNawab on 08-31-18, 05:14 pm)
After Nintendo released the New Super Mario Bros. U, they have gotten a mixed review about it from the fans as some really enjoyed it but some took it as a recycled product with little innovation. In my opinion, it was enjoyable although not as much as the Wii installment.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo releasing yet another 2D Mario title on the Switch? Should it be like the previous ones or should it follow a new path inspired by the Odyssey and freshness of its theme ?

Posted on 08-13-18, 03:42 am in How would you feel if Nintendo released a NSMB for Switch?
Thanks for this. I hated the default colour pallete of SMB3 Underground theme.
Posted on 08-05-18, 03:36 pm in smm modswii u SMB3 Desertic cave
I am mostly excited about the themes tbh. Even in the final release. Imma just keep mario as the player and ignore the terraria character. Keep up the good work!
Posted on 08-03-18, 03:15 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
Is the weird blue filter issue fixed in this release ? Also, this is looking awesome !
Posted on 07-29-18, 08:06 pm in wii usmm2 wip New Super Mario Bros DS
Pretty cool concept!
Posted on 07-22-18, 06:00 am in smb1wii u1.0 They Came From Nintendo!
Looks pretty promising. I can help in testing levels in beta phase if you are accepting requests.
Also feel free to contact me on Discord if you need help with the trailer (if you are planning to make one, I am a freelance video editor and I love to help out the community in my free time)
Good Luck!
Hyped to play this in the future!
Posted on 06-11-18, 02:19 pm in New Super Mario Bros. Modern
Looks cool and promising. Good job!
Posted on 04-14-18, 02:48 pm in themesmb1wii u W.I.P. Great Giana Maker
is this going to be uploaded on SMMDB ? Looks intriguing from the desc. atleast...
Posted on 04-13-18, 06:57 pm in newcreativebroken? SMM. Beyond the level: Series
A SMW speedrun I made. It's centered around some simple shell jumps and a little precision freefalling. It's not that hard and should be easily beatable by expert players. Let me know if you like it or have any feedback !

Clear video:

Download for CEMU and 3DS at

Posted on 04-08-18, 07:44 am in Invading the Airship Yard (20s) | Light Kaizo Speedrun
I wanted to know if editing the timer is possible. It would be great if we could edit it to have values like "multiples of 5" so we can set the timer to 5,25,35 and so on. Currently, it only has multiples of 10.

I also saw a Psycrow level with the timer that was running from 999 so I think this should be possible. Would appreciate if some of the more experienced modders look into this.
Posted on 04-07-18, 06:00 pm in Timer Edit ?
Posted on 03-26-18, 06:34 am in What's up? March 25th, 2018
Riddle answers!

1. The letter "m" cuz Minute, MoMent.
2. 3 times.


P.S. Do I get a cookie as a prize ?
Posted on 03-26-18, 06:26 am in What's up? March 25th, 2018 (rev. 1 by TheNawab on 03-26-18, 06:26 am)
Yeah that works too. Also, is my work that good to be called "explosive" ? :eyes:
Posted on 03-22-18, 05:32 am in Zelda "Too"
Looks promising. Not going to watch the video as I will "blind" play this on my YT soon. Appreciate you putting it out on SMMDB for us CEMU users.
Posted on 03-22-18, 05:27 am in Zelda "Too"
Hello People!

Here is my new level on SMMDB!

Level Title: The Shell Fortress
Download URL:
Difficulty: Super Expert/Expert

Description of Gameplay Elements:

Took me a month to make and polish. Every trick of it was heavily tested for over a total 7+ hours of playtesting. I'm proud of it. Basically, its a shell kaizo level with various tricks. Shouldn't be too hard if you have practiced my "Kaizo Krash Kourses"

I have tried to make it as straightforward as possible. It has indicators, coin trails and anti-claustrophobic setups so its pleasant to practice and conquer!

Enjoy! Be sure to check out my YT video playing it! :)


The mod I am using in the video :
Posted on 03-13-18, 10:08 am in The Shell Fortress (Kaizo) (rev. 1 by TheNawab on 03-13-18, 10:09 am)
I added the screenshots :)
Posted on 03-07-18, 06:45 pm in slice night theme
Well the thumbnail looks cool. Wish this was on SMMDB....
Posted on 03-06-18, 09:49 am in Zelda "Too"