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I wanted to know if editing the timer is possible. It would be great if we could edit it to have values like "multiples of 5" so we can set the timer to 5,25,35 and so on. Currently, it only has multiples of 10.

I also saw a Psycrow level with the timer that was running from 999 so I think this should be possible. Would appreciate if some of the more experienced modders look into this.
Posted on 04-07-18, 06:00 pm
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It should be possible through memory editing.
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Posted on 04-07-18, 06:01 pm
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If you get it to work you should make a 1000 seconds speedrun !
Posted on 04-07-18, 07:34 pm
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i ended up getting it to work, it's possible through memory editing, but you could also edit your course save.
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Posted on 04-08-18, 03:02 am
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Would a tutorial be possible?
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Posted on 04-08-18, 03:32 pm
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I have some tutorials on my Youtube channel (Mario Possamato on Youtube) where you can find out how to use tcpGecko dotNET to memory edit (memory mod) Super Mario Maker
Posted on 02-11-19, 08:18 pm
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You could link your channel alongside your videos here too
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Posted on 02-12-19, 01:09 am
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