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Thank you.


I fixed the coins and found fireballs from NSMB to add to Mario, but I do not have access to my PC currently and I will post them here when I do.

EDIT: I added the files, so they can be added to the main post.
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Posted on 03-12-18, 02:53 pm in remaker New Super Mario Bros. DS Theme (rev. 1 by R4z079 on 03-12-18, 09:53 pm)
I could probably get this tileset to work, its just a few copy and pastes. It looks really good, and I have a lot of nostalgia attached to that game. Can't wait to see it in action!

EDIT: Also! For the sound effects, The Spriters Resource has a sister website called The Sounds Resource. That could probably be useful for the SFX. That's where I get all mine. The ones from the Luigi costume are from Mario Party 9 and of course, the SMB3 ones are from SMB3. Everything's pretty authentic, but be sure to remember it only seems to be for sound effects, and in SMB the death sound is usually a mixture of a sound effect and soundtrack.

EDIT #2: Although I don't intend for you to use it, as an example I made a NSMB background that loops seamlessly. The video is attached as a file.
Attachment: 2018-03-10 11-51-58.mp4
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Posted on 03-10-18, 04:08 pm in Willing to port costumes (rev. 2 by R4z079 on 03-10-18, 05:15 pm)
Cool! That could be really useful. If it doesn’t work out due to some issue, I can just use an image of every animation frame for the costume and replicate it.
Posted on 03-09-18, 09:25 pm in Willing to port costumes
Well, now (even though it’s well after E3) we have Smash 5 announced.
Posted on 03-09-18, 02:54 pm in Nintendo Switch in 2018
If anyone’s interested, I would be happy to port costumes to ReMaker, but I have no idea what the process is between 3ds and Wii U. If anyone could educate me on the method of doing so, I can try my best.
Posted on 03-09-18, 02:27 pm in Willing to port costumes
Yeah, that's what I'm calling this little "series" of sprites I'm doing. I know I basically just did this, but I felt bad and had Luigi's color palette on standby soo... why not?

Pros and Cons the same as Mario's.

Original Super Mario Bros. 3 Modern Classic:

EDIT: Projectile may not be working, I tried to edit the file and nothing happened. If it doesn't work, tell me, please.

Attachment: SMB3 Luigi (MC).zip
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Posted on 03-05-18, 11:39 pm in remaker "Modern Classics" Luigi (costume) (rev. 2 by R4z079 on 03-05-18, 11:48 pm)
Mario’s sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3, but with a modern color scheme.

Finally done!

Just the right mix of new and old to feel both nostalgic and fresh.
Sound effects straight from Super Mario Bros. 3!
Weird animation when sliding down the flagpole.

Attachment: SMB3 Modern
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Posted on 03-05-18, 02:27 am in remaker W.I.P. Modern SMB3 Mario costume (rev. 1 by R4z079 on 03-05-18, 10:37 pm)
A Luigi costume by yours truly.

Cool sound effects
Overalls and shoes darker than Mario's
Actually taller than Mario

None that I can tell.
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Posted on 03-03-18, 07:11 pm in costume Luigi in remaker