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This theme is a hybrid of NSMB Wii and DS. It's also a test of my theme conversion script for Corel Paint Shop Pro. The hardest part of all of this was the background; I actually had to redraw a bunch of it for seamless tiling; if I did it right, you wouldn't have known. :)

- Big Mario Costume is now available! Big Mario rips are by Larry Inc 64! Edited by yours truly.
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From: Chemical Plant Zone

I like it, but the fact that there are still 8-bit sprites makes it look not as good as it could be. Could you possibly fix this?
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Posted on 03-10-18, 01:25 pm
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I can definitely rip some HQ coins -- but unfortunately, I'd be stuck with ripping a low-quality DS Big Mario, for the time being. That is the only 3D Mario that I can find a sprite sheet for. Other than that, we're pretty much stuck with 8-bit sprites.

- I've updated the original link with the new coins and NSMB Big Mario.
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I think Daniel T Gaming did a Big NSMBU Mario costume on his Youtube, so you can ask him if you can use. Though, your current sprite is amazing, so I don't see why you would change it.
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Posted on 03-11-18, 05:16 pm
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I did manage to find his Big Mario after starting my own, though I'm definitely proud of my work so far. :) Thank you very much for the kind words!
Posted on 03-11-18, 06:00 pm
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I fixed the coins and found fireballs from NSMB to add to Mario, but I do not have access to my PC currently and I will post them here when I do.

EDIT: I added the files, so they can be added to the main post.
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That's awesome, we look forward to it! I'll be sure to add it to the original download link with credit.
Posted on 03-12-18, 06:53 pm