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I'm a Mario ReMaker turned SMM modder. I dabble in YouTube and have a long history with the Clickteam line of products -- looking forward to one day designing and marketing my own full game. I'm also a moderator and friend to BTG, working on one of the first mods together to include expanded enemy texture resolution. I love retro gaming and modern gaming, with my favorites being many flagship series from Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Konami, Falcom, Wayforward, and Novotrade, in addition to many obscure standalone titles.

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Updated to a private build (1.12Δ). New Features include:

- Auto Next. Check the box to automatically move to the next image after copying the image to the clipboard / saving the image.
- Left and Right arrow buttons to select the previous / next image in your set.
- Bug fixes to (hopefully) make the program accessible to more users.

Let me know if there are any further issues with the program, and I will do my best to fix them. There are more features I'd like to add in the future. I did roll back some features for a future update, because I wanted a functional program first and foremost.
Posted on 10-21-18, 03:10 pm in tutorialwii uv1.2 delta How To: SMM (StaticSkin) Texture Expansion Tool v1.2 Delta
This is so amazing, I dare say it's my favorite mod! :D Great work!
Posted on 09-17-18, 09:46 pm in The Metroid Mod
Thanks, GRA! I can't wait to see what you can do!
Posted on 08-21-18, 02:39 pm in tutorialwii uv1.2 delta How To: SMM (StaticSkin) Texture Expansion Tool v1.2 Delta (rev. 2 by Unsavory Maggot on 08-22-18, 11:28 pm)
Introducing SMM Texture Expansion Tool v1.2Δ!!

With this, you can increase the resolution of your StaticSkin.pack stuff! This means that you can pack a *lot* more detail into tiny little characters. Let's get started!

1. Extract your .bfres with bfres_tool_inject.exe (This is important! Don't use the other one!) and make them PNGs. Resize them to 32x32 or 64x64.
2. Pick the 32x32 or 64x64 sprites that you want to use; edit your PNGs.
3. Open the SMM Texture Expansion Tool and click on "Import". Select a .PNG you haven't imported yet.
4. Copy Image to Clipboard.
5. Paste the image into your .DDS, delete the background, and overwrite it. Repeat steps 3-5 until you've changed all of the .DDS files in your directory!
6. Inject the new .DDS files into your .bfres with bfres_tool_inject.exe, pack the .bfres into your .SZS, pack the .SZS into your StaticSkin.pack, and test it out in Mario Maker!

Posted on 08-21-18, 02:34 pm in tutorialwii uv1.2 delta How To: SMM (StaticSkin) Texture Expansion Tool v1.2 Delta (rev. 22 by Unsavory Maggot on 10-21-18, 03:03 pm)

They Came From Nintendo! Mod Download

What's new:
Over 50 changed enemy sprites for the SMB1 style! Face adversaries from all kinds of NES/Famicom titles -- see how many you can name!
Posted on 07-21-18, 10:58 pm in smb1wii u1.0 They Came From Nintendo!
Thanks to Darby @ Blue Television Games, I came here to check out mods -- and even make a few of my own. I'd never really planned on it -- it's more like I saw the mods and eventually got sucked into it. I also had a previous history of creating REMaker and Faxanadu (Retranslation / Restoration / SRAM) mods, so I was ready before I got here.
Posted on 04-19-18, 02:00 pm in How did you guys find us? (rev. 1 by Unsavory Maggot on 04-19-18, 02:01 pm)
No more bugs.

I also changed the clouds to be a background element, which means that the trees now have half-platforms above them, instead. I got sick of the levels looking barren without the clouds, and not enough SMB levels use semisolids for decoration. There are also new ground elements -- the statues. This is an experimental feature.
Image42.png — 35.70 KiB, viewed 200 times

Image45.png — 103.75 KiB, viewed 200 times
Posted on 04-16-18, 02:51 pm in themesmb1wii u W.I.P. Great Giana Maker (rev. 8 by Unsavory Maggot on 04-16-18, 11:40 pm)
Thanks! I'll be updating periodically (like right now) -- we're at Revision 1. There are more things that I'll have to add, like BGM, SFX, enemies, other themes (Ghost -> Title Theme, Water & Airship -> ?), and characters.

I've been working on the StaticPack.pack stuff, which is why the next update is taking a while. I did get rid of the castle lava and add the background water instead. The castle theme is going to have a new palette (not the ground palette again, like Stage 04.), and I have yet to decide whether or not to base the new palette on the C64 version instead. Same goes for the Underground theme -- it's too red. I might go with the Amiga Stage 06 palette instead, for a more subdued red.

I may combine the animations. I prefer the art of the Amiga version, but the C64 version visuals are more lively and animated -- so I would combine the art of the Amiga version with the movements of the C64 version.

I want to put the palettes up for a vote.
Posted on 04-14-18, 02:42 pm in themesmb1wii u W.I.P. Great Giana Maker
Best. Mod. Evar!
Posted on 04-11-18, 10:17 pm in Nothing Mod! 0.1 (Wii U) (Release)

Download The Great Giana Maker Mod Rev. 6

Download The Great Giana Sisters Title + 1-1 Course

Here's what's done:
- Overworld + BGM
- Underground + BGM
- Ghost House + BGM
- Castle + BGM
- Title BGM

BGM Insertion:
- Dead BGM
- Clear BGM
- High Score BGM
- Game Over / Boss BGM
- Water (?)
- Airship (?)
- Heroes
- Enemies
- Non-Giana Assets
Image46.png — 261.67 KiB, viewed 195 times
Posted on 04-11-18, 08:58 pm in themesmb1wii u W.I.P. Great Giana Maker (rev. 9 by Unsavory Maggot on 04-17-18, 08:58 pm)
I could remove the cliff, but I can't replace it with anything really. Not yet, anyway. GRAnimated just came out with a massive game changer that could will revolutionize the way we mod NSMBU backgrounds.
Posted on 04-10-18, 10:13 pm in nsmbu Desert Theme (rev. 1 by Unsavory Maggot on 04-10-18, 10:14 pm)
Sounds good. I also had to update my post, as this theme is apparently cursed. I zipped and uploaded the vanilla file by mistake. I have an updated .zip handy for said updated OP.

So I fixed both the background (decided to replace the mountain/stone cliff texture with my own "glass" texture, rather than remove it entirely) and the tileset. The tileset could still use some work (some elements are blocky) and I have no idea how to make the clouds appear. I've tried numerous times, and checked out the .szs files from front to back, but I have no idea! I also haven't figured out how I'd work in any pyramids, since the original models, etc. would cause there to be too many, or a lot of overlap. Anyway, that's the techs -- have a screenie and a download link!
Image29.png — 906.90 KiB, viewed 373 times

9.94 MiB — Downloaded 126 times
Posted on 04-08-18, 03:44 pm in nsmbu Desert Theme (rev. 1 by Unsavory Maggot on 04-09-18, 05:12 pm)
I fixed the Wii U version. The red coin was missing from the image, making the image 1024x1024 instead of the required 1024x1088.
Image23.png — 814.73 KiB, viewed 390 times

751.77 KiB — Downloaded 105 times
Posted on 04-08-18, 01:29 pm in nsmbu Desert Theme (rev. 1 by Unsavory Maggot on 04-08-18, 01:32 pm)
This is pretty amazing, but I can't get your download link to work. ???
Posted on 04-07-18, 12:31 pm in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Bros All-Stars
Green Mario is the best mod ever! :D *gives a star*
Posted on 04-06-18, 06:23 pm in Luigi in Super Mario Maker!
> There is already a Luigi in NSMBU mod. <
> There is also already a Luigi in SMB1, 3, and SMW mod. <

The best part? All of these mods seem to play nice together! :)
Posted on 04-06-18, 06:15 pm in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped (rev. 1 by Unsavory Maggot on 04-06-18, 06:19 pm)
The only thing missing from this review is a comment on how *awesome* the "new" puzzles, level design, and themes are! :D What was your favorite theme?
Posted on 03-30-18, 08:48 pm in Newer Mario Wii Review (rev. 1 by Unsavory Maggot on 03-30-18, 08:49 pm)
Hmmm... there seem to be major bugs with this mod that render it incompatible with most configurations; it has only tested successfully on the EU version with Cemu, so far. I'll have to repack everything with the US version as a base, and hope for the best.

I have updated the original post with an update of the Colorful Yoshi mod, and I'm hoping that it will fix the compatibility issues of the previous version. It works on my end, but I haven't tested it elsewhere. Maybe this will work for you?
Posted on 03-30-18, 04:50 pm in charactersmb3 Playable Colorful Yoshis in SMB3!
I highly agree -- if we could port SMW Yoshi to SMB and SMB3, that would be amazing! I've seen so many cool things get ported between themes, so I'm hyped. Also, thank you! :)

// Just realized another thing that makes this mod special: I think it only works on the EU version. I could be wrong.
Posted on 03-25-18, 09:29 pm in charactersmb3 Playable Colorful Yoshis in SMB3! (rev. 1 by Unsavory Maggot on 03-25-18, 10:58 pm)

This looks pretty good! The bugs aren't due to regional differences, right? (Trying to patch a US version of a EU mod?)
Posted on 03-25-18, 09:17 pm in New Super Mario All Stars HD: My criticism