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Now it is the beginning of a fantastic story with this Bubble Bobble-inspired skin & theme! Let us make a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom as Bub the Bubble Dragon! Good luck!

Download link
Näyttökuva (31).png — 81.80 KiB, viewed 117 times
Posted on 04-03-18, 04:48 am in costumetheme Bubble Bobble (Theme & Skin) (rev. 2 by tonygameman on 04-23-18, 05:23 pm)
Bomberman, Hudson Soft's (now owned by Konami) former mascot bombs his way into Mushroom Kingdom with this new custom skin inspired by his debut game released on NES!

Download link
Näyttökuva (29).png — 86.87 KiB, viewed 93 times
Posted on 03-26-18, 05:32 pm in costumeremaker Bomberman (Costume)

A random skin of Ubisoft's mascot Rayman with GBC sprites and PS1 sounds.

Download link
Posted on 03-17-18, 12:32 pm in remaker Rayman (Costume) (rev. 1 by tonygameman on 03-17-18, 12:32 pm)
This time I edited a bit and made a new "skid" sprite, for now it's completed once and for all to me.
Posted on 03-17-18, 07:08 am in remakercostumetheme Alex Kidd from Miracle World (Theme & Skin)
Again, I planned an another theme & skin based on the classic NES game: this time being Konami's Castlevania released in 1986.

A file comes with a Simon Belmont skin and a theme based on the original game's first stage.
Näyttökuva (26).png — 92.72 KiB, viewed 108 times
Posted on 03-09-18, 01:13 pm in remaker Castlevania (Theme & Skin)
Again, I made an another skin & theme in one based on a infamous game made by Capcom: Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Includes a Sir Arthur skin (who's swimming sprites are a huge problem to me) and a Haunted Graveyard theme (though most are custom-made due to lacking graphics).
Näyttökuva (25).png — 89.86 KiB, viewed 54 times
Posted on 03-08-18, 08:55 pm in themecostume Ghosts 'n Goblins
After Alex Kidd, I decided to make an another classic SEGA character who is a sentient spaceship named Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone.

This time, I made through those transparency/sound issues from my previous work.

Download link

(Edit: Changed a preview screenshot, Opa-Opa's appeal pose which now is inspired by Super Fantasy Zone's credits and added a Plaleaf theme to complete my Fantasy Zone world.)
Näyttökuva (32).png — 106.77 KiB, viewed 21 times
Posted on 03-08-18, 02:03 pm in costumeremakertheme Fantasy Zone (Theme & Skin) (rev. 1 by tonygameman on 05-19-18, 01:19 pm)
A preview screenshot would be nice. :)

Just added it on the first post. And by the way, Alex's appeal pose is inspired by the game's map/stage screen.
Posted on 03-07-18, 04:35 pm in remakercostumetheme Alex Kidd from Miracle World (Theme & Skin) (rev. 1 by tonygameman on 03-07-18, 04:37 pm)

A theme and skin based on the SEGA Master System classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Download link

(Edit: Just added a preview screenshot and it's finally completed for now, I swear.)
Posted on 03-07-18, 10:44 am in remakercostumetheme Alex Kidd from Miracle World (Theme & Skin) (rev. 5 by tonygameman on 03-17-18, 07:07 am)