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Introducing SMM Texture Expansion Tool v1.2Δ!!

With this, you can increase the resolution of your StaticSkin.pack stuff! This means that you can pack a *lot* more detail into tiny little characters. Let's get started!

1. Extract your .bfres with bfres_tool_inject.exe (This is important! Don't use the other one!) and make them PNGs. Resize them to 32x32 or 64x64.
2. Pick the 32x32 or 64x64 sprites that you want to use; edit your PNGs.
3. Open the SMM Texture Expansion Tool and click on "Import". Select a .PNG you haven't imported yet.
4. Copy Image to Clipboard.
5. Paste the image into your .DDS, delete the background, and overwrite it. Repeat steps 3-5 until you've changed all of the .DDS files in your directory!
6. Inject the new .DDS files into your .bfres with bfres_tool_inject.exe, pack the .bfres into your .SZS, pack the .SZS into your StaticSkin.pack, and test it out in Mario Maker!

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Very complicated, I might be able to shrink the steps down with a bit of Hex Editing, but overall this is pretty cool!
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Posted on 08-21-18, 02:38 pm
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Thanks, GRA! I can't wait to see what you can do!
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For anyone asking, GRA was referring to the manual method

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Posted on 09-07-18, 09:32 am
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Updated to a private build (1.12Δ). New Features include:

- Auto Next. Check the box to automatically move to the next image after copying the image to the clipboard / saving the image.
- Left and Right arrow buttons to select the previous / next image in your set.
- Bug fixes to (hopefully) make the program accessible to more users.

Let me know if there are any further issues with the program, and I will do my best to fix them. There are more features I'd like to add in the future. I did roll back some features for a future update, because I wanted a functional program first and foremost.
Posted on 10-21-18, 03:10 pm