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Explore the depths of Felghana as Adol Christin, and save the Mushroom Kingdom?!

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- Everything is done! This is the final product! Enjoy!

The costume is done, but the theme needs work. It's been taking a while, so I wanted to post a preview. Enjoy!
Posted on 03-15-18, 01:43 am in costumethemeremaker W.I.P. Wanderers From Ys (rev. 2 by Unsavory Maggot on 03-16-18, 08:10 pm)
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- Costumes were originally ripped by Random Talking Bush, and ported by yours truly!

I somehow hijacked R4z079's thread before doing this --
I found it inspiring. I wanted to port every Mystery Mushroom costume from Super Mario Maker!

With that said, they're accepting costume conversion requests --
I wanted to put that out there, as I don't intend to steal their thunder. :)

"Okay, so it's a W.I.P.? What's missing?!"
- Their respective sound effects
- Names (everyone is simply named "Mystery Costume - Super Mario Maker")
- Dead and Shoot frames (substituted Appeal and Walk 3, instead)
- Optimizations (pixel-perfect positioning, testing, etc.)


// I wanted to post a preview, and this is the best we've got. XD A picture of 150 costumes from the Super Mario Wiki!
409px-SMM_Costumes_List.jpg — 67.97 KiB, viewed 42 times
Posted on 03-10-18, 11:46 am in remaker costumes W.I.P. All 153 Mystery Costumes, plus all 7 alts! (rev. 4 by Unsavory Maggot on 03-18-18, 10:57 pm)
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This theme is a hybrid of NSMB Wii and DS. It's also a test of my theme conversion script for Corel Paint Shop Pro. The hardest part of all of this was the background; I actually had to redraw a bunch of it for seamless tiling; if I did it right, you wouldn't have known. :)

- Big Mario Costume is now available! Big Mario rips are by Larry Inc 64! Edited by yours truly.
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Posted on 03-10-18, 12:48 pm in remaker New Super Mario Bros. DS Theme (rev. 2 by Unsavory Maggot on 03-11-18, 01:03 am)