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So there is this ROM hack of NSMBW called New Super Mario All Stars HD. This hack was started by Titovision but was given to cad111 to work on when the RVLution forums (the main forum for NSMBW hacking at the time, which is now replaced with [HorizonWii]( was dead. Now, my gosh is this hack ambitious. It has the following games in just one NSMBW hack:

- Super Mario Bros.
- Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels.
- Super Mario Bros 2.
- Super Mario Bros 3.
- Super Mario Bros 4: Super Mario World
- Super Mario Land.
- Super Mario Land 2: Six Gold coins.
- Hotel Mario.
- Donkey Kong
- Mario is Missing.
- Mario Bros.

Now, this leads me to believe that this took so damn long, and even longer than Newer Wii. But like all ROM hacks, this isn't perfect, so I'd like to leave some of my feedback so cad111 can improve. Or maybe customlevelfan67 will look at my suggestions and consider them for his remake.

I'll split this review into 3 sections: Overall game, World Map & Levels.

Overall game

- Please release a Riivolution format of the game. ISO's take up way too much space.
- Please add translations for other languages.
- Please fix the star coin list. Whenever I try to load it, it crashes.
- The fact that you wanted to charge for beta testing is sad. You shouldn't charge for anything of this hack.
- The game constantly advertises your twitter, facebook, etc, but you didn't even give proper credits:

Where is Newer Teams credit for the custom world map, the Hammer Powerup and many other things go?
Why is google listed as a credit? It doesn't do anything other than help you find things from other creators, which you haven't credited.

- Please add level previews instead of having that field taken up for the logo.
- The Dying sound that plays only plays the first two seconds, but then the rest is cut off
- Star coins should be rewards for completing certain challenges, not placed right out in the open.
- Two star coins should not be one right next to the other.
- In every fortress of Super Mario Bros. 3, in every level of Super Mario Bros. 2 and in the end game credits, because there is no camera lock in the area where the treasure chest is, you can check the system, therefore giving you infinite mushrooms. Here's how to execute is:

1. Open chest.
2. Go off-screen.
3. Repeat steps.

World Maps

All Game Styles

- It says "Isla De Yoshi" for every world map. I don't think Brazil (Mario is Missing) is part of Yoshi's island. It wouldn't be considered an island, don't you think? ;)
- The music is the Super Mario Bros. 2 slot machine remix from Super Mario 3D world. You should try to make that exclusively for the Super Mario Bros. 2 map. Why not have per-map music?
- Besides, your music doesn't loop at all. At one point (2 minutes), it just stops, randomly.
- Sometimes, the world map music plays twice, but the second one has a 1 second lag.
- For most of the subgames (most notable being Hotel Mario, Mario is Missing and Super Mario Land 2), the levels are automatically unlocked.
- When needing to travel back to the main game selection hub, it can be a hastle. With the exclusion of Donkey Kong, Mario Bros & Super Mario Land 2, you have to go back all the way from where you are, to go back to the game selection, which is long and tedious.

Super Mario Bros

- Maps are a direct port of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe game for the Gameboy Color. It looks like a pixelated mess on the 480p Wii console.
- The secret exists found in 1-2 & 4-2 are no where to be seen.

Super Mario Land

- After every "World", the checkerboard pattern has a cut-off.

Super Mario Bros. 3

- In the World 2 World map, there is this bug that can only be done once you beat the fortress. Basically, go the beginning of the map, and try to jump over the lock and go directly to the toad house. Or, try to enter the other pipe (the pipe after the fortress) and try to go to the beginning of the map. It doesn't work, because it automatically warps you. A solution to this bug would be having the entry a bit more to the right.
- The tiles for the World 2 map & the World 1 map have a lot of cutoffs.

Super Mario Bros. 3 & Hotel Mario

- When traveling between world in Super Mario Bros. 3, or when entering the Hotel Mario game, there are these "cutscenes" that play out that are made out of images, which are neat, but are super unnecessary.

Super Mario World

- The "Special World", when you unlock the game, is all bright and colorful, while the original had a black sky. I recommend taking a look at the unused map that Newer SMBW had, and basing your off of that.

Super Mario Land 2

- Space Zone is in the main map, and not a sub map, unlike the original game.


Super Mario Bros.

- In the underground area of World 1-1, 3-1, 4-1 & 8-1, only hath of the pipe is visible.
- That same pipe is randomly cut off at the top.
- You can stand on that pipe.
- According to SMBDeluxe, world 3 is supposed to be a dark snowy place. While there are snow tiles, the backgrounds look bright and colorful.

Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels

- For every castle level, there would always be a Bowser boss-fight, right? Well, in this game, it's a bit bad. Bugs are listed below.

1. There are still fireballs coming from the far-right from the screen even though bowser is in the center.
2. Bowser takes up the entire room.
3. Bowser has no collision.
4. Bowser doesn't move.
5. Even when the bridge is fallen, bowser is still floating in the room.

- The final boss fight fixes all the bugs except the second, but introduces a new bug: To make it possible to hit the switch (yes, switch instead of an axe), you need to wait until bowser jumps above the stage and above the camera.
- The game even accommodates for that bug, and puts invisible walls so bowser can't move.
- The camera shifts out of its normal view just for bowser. That just makes the room look small. Making the room accommodate for the camera change won't fix the bug.
- You also need to make sure that you have a power up that's after the Super Mushroom "stage", otherwise you will die from the small amount of room given to you since when you touch bowser, he now hurts you.
- In the final boss, the scene after you hit the switch has really glitchy physics to walk to the door.
- After the fight, you have to go through a door to find the princess, instead of the princess being in the room with the bowser fight.
- In the scene following that, you find that is an invisible slope. If you ground pound on it, the princess falls from above the camera.
- Then, you walk on to the invisible slope and stop right before you enter the cage (while you're still in the air) to receive an air kiss from peach.

Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)

- Whenever you die, you clip inside the ground.
- The way he redid turnips is whenever you ground pound, you hit a POW block. They would have functioned better as Glow Blocks.
- Not to mention, the real "POW Blocks" is just a block, retiled.
- The final boss can be skipped completely by just walking through the door on the right of "Wart".
- The final boss isn't even a fight. It's just spike ball spawning with a tile of Wart on the right. No actual fight is done. You don't attack him at all.
- In the end scene after the fight, it's missing the scene where the character releases all the sprickies in a bottle.
- In the scene after that, in the original, it was all the captured victims carrying wart to the right of the screen. Well, Wart is completely absent from that scene. Maybe it's because he is still alive, cause you skipped him and never fought him.
- In that very same scene, it's supposed to be Mario, Luigi, Toad & Peach cheering on. Well, you don't exactly play as peach, so they should have replaced it as Toadette, or just make peach playable.
- In that same scene, both Mario and Luigi are stretched to fit the platform size. They should have just make the platform smaller.
- Still talking about that area, in the original, it was just 1 screen, no scrolling. Here, it scrolls to the right. Just make the screen smaller.
- In the scene after that, we see Mario was dreaming this entire time. In the original, Mario was wearing Pajamas and was thinking of the end credits. Here, he's thinking of 1-1 and he's wearing his plumber clothes.

Super Mario Bros. 3

- When there is an enemy level, if you hit a brick block right before it fades out, the blocks would stay in air.
- In World 2, they use the sand beach tileset, and I don't think a desert is supposed to be a beach. He should instead use the desert tileset.
- In World 2-1, near the end of the level there is a room with a P-Switch and the last star coin. Once you hit the P-Switch and go out, if you wait long enough, you can get the fake brick block stuck inside the blocks. Same goes for 2-3, at the end when you need to kick the koopa to break all the blocks.
- In World 2-Sun of the original Super Mario Bros 3, the angry sun does show up in the beginning of the level, but doesn't move, or attack you. Bun in here, not only does it move and attack you, but because of this level's terrible camera, it takes up 1/8th of the whole screen.
- In World 2-Sun, The Angry Sun does not despawn once we hit the flagpole.
- In World 3-1, there is an area, where you can jump over the camera to enter a hole to get a power-up. But you can't get out, because those invisible blocks are placed way too low.
- In World 3-3, in the end area, the water overlaps with the ground. The level also uses some airship assets. Now, I wouldn't mind those assets if they didn't look like the one from the airship. We should change them to look like beach tiles.
- In World 3-4, the tileset cut-offs are extremely apparent. But there are also background cut off.
- In World 4, all the giant tiles (except for the brick block and question mark block) have a black border around it.
- In World 4-1, you can find all the star coins right next to each other.
- Also in 4-1, the koopa when you start the stage is simply way too tall compared to the one in the original.
- Also in the beginning of 4-1, the brick block right next to the koopa (the one where you can throw the koopa at) needs 3 hits to break, unlike the original which needed one.
- Also in 4-1, the "water fall" is recreated using Pipe Bubbles... it doesn't look good at all.
- Also in 4-1, there is a bunch of water particles cut offs
- Also in 4-1, unlike the original, the fire Piranha Plant is a mega version.
- In both 4-2 & 4-1, the Piranhas despawn instead of going fully into the pipe.
- In the original 4-2 the water was fully blue. Here, it's transparent.
- The final boss is a copy of the one used in the Original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels, New Super Mario Bros Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U, etc. It's not the one where you're supposed to destroy the blocks under bowser.
- In the final boss room, you can still hear the door closing sound effect from the New Super Mario Bros Wii boss fight. There is no door here though.
- In the final boss room, they have two tiles for the door: one locked with a chain, and the actual door tile. I wouldn't have noticed this if it weren't for the locked door having a different shading and color, and the unlocked door wasn't placed a pew pixels left of the main door.
- In the scene where you unlock Peach, Peach is locked in a cage. Yet, in the original, she was just there, in that room, not in a cage.

Hotel Mario & Mario Bros.

Both Hotel Mario & Mario Bros do feel like mini games, and they shouldn't be an entire entry. Like, maybe replace a Toad House with them, or any other type of minigame stuff, like the useless one from Super Mario Land 2.

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Also, speaking of Super Mario Land 2, I do think it's the one in this list with the most issues.

- When you enter Wario's Castle inside the world map, it has a glitchy animation.
- The same glitch animation happens in Mario Zone when transitioning from Level 2 to Level 3.
- If there is supposed to be a connected pipe horizontally, it's just a layer 0 effect, and not actually connected pipes.
- However, if there is supposed to be a connected pipe vertically, it's just going to act like a original pipe and take you to a new zone.
- You can get yourself softlocked in Mario Zone by walljumping into a hole in the secret area. It's easier to pull off with the carrot/propeller mushroom power up.
- In Pumpkin World, there is this glitch with a pumkin goomba. Basically, it wasn't a real goomba. It was just the mask. I didn't kill it or do anything to it. Then, after 3 seconds, it dissapears
- Wario's Castle has the princess peach's castle background, which is not fitting. The level is supposed to be dark and gloomy because Wario took over the castle, not happy, colorful, brightful and cheerful.
- In order to access the space world, you have to go through an awfully ported level. Like, there is the water that randomly cuts off, and same goes for tilesets. Once you hit the flagpole, the camera goes all the way to the bottom, like other levels in which the flagpole is placed extremely high in the zone...
- Then, the entire world is just an underground background with a water parliaments for the 2nd level. Like, I shouldn't be seeing water parliaments in space. I understand having the physics, but not the effects. Also, why can I jump out of the water?
- In the original Super Mario Land 2, the second level of space world was an auto-scroller. Here, I can explore to my heart contents.
- The odd part is that Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, the ROM Hack this game is based off, has a specific physics mode just for space levels. In that game, it is World 7, but I don't believe it's hard coded. But here, they aren't being used for Space World-1.
- The camera in this version of Super Mario Land 2: Six Gold Coins is trying to mimic the one from the original Game Boy, and that can cause some issues. For example, in the level "Goombas!", every time the power-up state changes, the camera warps. Not to mention, it is a bit tedious, and other than for pure nostalgia, it has no use. Heck, even Super Mario Land doesn't have this god-awful camera, and it was the Game-Boy original!

Super Mario Land

- In underground areas, while the original map didn't scroll, this remake does slightly scroll the camera to the right or the left.
- Music doesn't loop, just "end and restart".
- In the underground area of World 1-1 (second one) & 3-1, if you duck and jump above the pipe, you can go to the very right of the stage, making it so you need to jump to get out
- In World 1-3, there is an area where you can walk inside the walls. And then, at the end of that, you get a star coin and a pipe entry, but that pipe just takes you off-screen so it kills you. In the original, it took you to a bonus room.
- Both Mario and Piranha Plants go through the ground when entering a pipe.
- While the bosses here fixed many of the problems I had with the bowser boss fights in Super Mario Bros, there still are some other problems.

1. The boss has collision and does move, but it doesn't hurt you. It's just a moving box.
2. Even when you hit the switch, the "boss" is still alive.
3. No fireballs at all.
4. The bridge also disappears alongside the actual wall.
5. The switch event is timed, and once the timer is over, there is no way to re-activate it.

- World 2-2 should be called "wedge your way through everything", cause if you aren't regular Mario or Mini Mario, then you will need to wedge your way around everything.
- In World 2-3, the coins of the word "MARIO" can't be collected.
- In World 3-1, the flying totem poll enemies (which can be easily recreated by remodeling paragoombas) are missing.
- In the original 3-1, the background elements differed in height. In this remake, they all have the same height.
- In the original 3-1, you had rocks that would come at you. What you do instead is ride it. To recreate that, they used bouncy Lenny balls, which makes the level harder.
- In World 3-2, you are missing the animated waterfalls.
- In the underground section of World 3-2, once you hit the question mark block to reveal a mushroom, the mushroom goes into a small hole and disappears, meaning no power up for you if your Regular Mario or Mini Mario.
- In World 3-2 & 4-2, the "level complete" sound is muted.
- Since underground of 3-2 & 3-3 is a copy of the underground section of 2-2, you need to wedge through everything if you aren't Regular Mario or Mini Mario.
- In 4-1, every right tile is a cut-off.
- In 4-1, every pipe isn't fully attached to the ground, and is just floating
- You can't even beat 4-3's final boss: Tatanga himself.

Mario is Missing

- In the level "USA - Washington", there is a background cutoff.
- In the Ludwig boss, once you defeat him, he actually goes behind the doors.

Mario Bros.

- there is no way to beat this level. I tried multiple times and I just can't seem to do it.
- you can actually stand on top of the pipe. Not only that, but the blocky part of the pipe, you can go inside it.
- Just like in the Super Mario Bros 2. portion of this ROM hack, the POW block is life-less & is just a retiled hard block.

Super Mario World

- Galoombas, once thrown, will be spun, like Koopas.
- In World 4-1, at the end, there is a pipe that goes into an underground area with a P-Switch. In the original, once you go into the pipe, the diagonal pipe will take you straight to the goal post, avoiding contact with the "Bully Bro" at the top. In this remake, you have to interact with him either way.

Overall criticism

Overall, while I do think this game is ambitious, with the game breaking bugs listed above and the creator (cad111) being an egotistic douche about them and others, I can't really like this game that much. I think even the Sonic the Hedgehog remake for the GameBoy Advanced was better than this. Heck, even Forces is better than this, and I thought that was the worst game of all time, and before that, Boom with all it's blandness.
I, unfortunately, have to give this game, a 3 out of 10.
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
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This hack sounds fun. Ima try it ASAP! :)
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This looks pretty good! The bugs aren't due to regional differences, right? (Trying to patch a US version of a EU mod?)
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Yeah, but don't link to the actual download, because its in a wbfs, and that's piracy (in most circumstances).

But actually, I found Titivolision's version, which is way better than cad111's. Unfortunately, its also in a wbfs, and there is no trailer of it. I might make a separate thread on it.
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
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Man, well there go's my idea. Ah well, his is better anyways
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I'm remaking this, if anyone cares. Pretty much everyone who has seen progress says it's better than this version, so check out my YT if you want to see what i'm doing.
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