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Check out my other places, subscribing would be nice too:

I regularly post art of cartoons, video games and my original characters. I also have montly request slots.

Nothing much yet but will soon have things like playthroughs of my Mario Maker levels, good Smash Bros matches and discussions about animation.

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falling upwards



Oh. Hopefully it can get repaired soon.




Long time no see!




Did something happen?


Sorry for the forum reset. I still remember what we said in DMs


Oh hi there.


Super Mario Maker 2DS (SMM2DS) is my Mario Maker 2 mod for 3DS. This mod replaces most of the themes in the original Mario Maker with ones from Mario Maker 2. I may work on some finishing touches but as of now Im comfortable with releasing this in a state I'll call finished. There is also the new music, but only for the main themes, as the Hurry and Edit themes remain unchanged. Here are the conversions, after much testing and playing levels they make the most sense:

Water--> Submerged Jungle
Ghost House-->Desert

Plus a bonus of Night Jungle over SMB1 Castle. I'll point out that I couldnt figure out how to make a good background for NSMB underground, so it has to remain and underground snow cave. Desert was unusable with the NSMB Ghost House theme and so it was left out. Also worth noting is that if you're planning to play levels that werent made with the mod in mind, most levels come out fine, but the nature of the SMB3 Ghost House semi solids mean those stages will often not look like good desert stages compared to the other styles.


As usual with most of my big mod releases, I upload an example level. Every screenshot here actually used this level as a base, and Im gonna upload it as an example of the mod in action. Try it out, I think it's good.


I do art and if you could help me out by building my audience, sharing my work or buying a commission that would be hugely helpful.

Before downloading, Im asking you to please tag all levels using this mod on SMMDB by putting (MM2) either at the beginning or end of the title so that they can actually be found by other people by using the search function.

-The fine lads on the MMM Discord for helping me with getting many of these sprites, and with helping me learn how to use a lot of the programs I needed to finish this.
-Epic Stuff for the SMW jungle music, which I got from his own mod.
Posted on 02-15-20, 12:21 am in 3ds Super Mario Maker 2DS (Mario Maker 2 3DS mod) (rev. 2 by Sm-ArtThings on 02-25-20, 03:09 am)
I like this a lot (music especially), but with how SMB1 likes to use blocks between styles I presume a beach theme would probably have the same ground tiles as the desert theme rather than have it that drastically recoloured imo.
Posted on 01-05-20, 07:47 am in smm2smb1forest SMB1 Beach Theme
Checked it out today for my YT playthroughs. Pretty good.
One thing I would suggest is making everything work on the first cycle to eliminate waiting sections. Other than that, the boss fight also felt rushed out.

4/5, Definitely would die again due to mushroom greed on the first screen.

I remade this after getting a WiiU to upload there and actually ended up revising the boss (and a few other smaller parts) because I also found it a bit too much. I think I know the section you're talking about for the waiting and I wish I saw this before uploading it because that part's the same.
Posted on 12-26-19, 09:32 pm in smmdbcastletraditional Spike-Shell Tower (rev. 1 by Sm-ArtThings on 12-26-19, 09:33 pm)
This actually looks really nice! I like the twinkling stars in this.
Posted on 12-24-19, 10:13 pm in smwunderground Super Mario World theme moon tileset
I cant understand what made them not use backgrounds for some of these, but especially this one. NSMB backgrounds look great
Posted on 07-18-19, 12:31 am in smm2 NSMBU Night Time Snow Background
That background is fantastic.
Posted on 07-14-19, 08:29 pm in smw3dswii u Outside Ghost House
So I've been doing a lot of stuff recently and recently learned how to edit the character sprites and so decided to do this.



Also using it to advertise a course I just uploaded to SMMDB, Easy Airship Siege. You dont actually play as Weird Mario in the level but I thought it was a good course to show her in.
Posted on 07-13-19, 10:07 pm in 3dscompleted Super Mario Maker 2 Toadette over Weird Mario
The game honestly has great backgrounds
Posted on 07-13-19, 09:06 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU Overworld 2 Background
How are you installing it? Worked for me
Posted on 07-04-19, 12:20 am in smw3ds SMM2 SMW Forest theme
Dang this looks pretty thorough.
Posted on 06-24-19, 02:11 am in nsmbu3dsw.i.p NSMB2 In SMM3DS
This download is corrupted.
Posted on 06-21-19, 05:19 pm in Mario Maker 2 SMW "Sky" Theme Mod
Yep Im impatiently waiting for the game release so Im gonna check this out now
Posted on 06-21-19, 04:54 pm in smw3ds SMM2 SMW Forest theme
What folder do you put it in?
Posted on 06-17-19, 05:57 am in 3dscompleted NSMBU Mario Powers into SMB1 Mario
Im just seeing the Northern Lights in the background, that's great
Posted on 06-10-19, 05:44 am in smm wii u SMM2 Night Overworld
The tiles are a bit different now btw. Gonna put them together.

In the meantime in terms of what I have left if you do have music and know what format they should be in for the 3DS version I'd love to get that to improve my version as well. Also the Water Theme is still basically not done, I did make a lot of stuff for it but still actually need the Ground Tiles (specifically for either Snow or Ice since I went with underground Ice Biome) but if you have tiles for underground Corruption that would be good as well.

Regardless I should be able to put the tilesets/backgrounds together next time I get access to the PC they are on.
Posted on 06-09-19, 10:19 pm in wip3dssmw Terraria Maker for Nintendo 3DS
While I really like this, wouldnt it be best we just wait until the end of June/July for someone to rip the tilesets/backgrounds so we got the official stuff? Still wanna try this out in the meantime though
Posted on 06-09-19, 08:10 pm in smm wii u SMM2 Night Overworld
This looks good, it's nice to see NSMB mods more often now, especially with the background changed
Posted on 06-01-19, 05:01 pm in smm 3ds NSMBU Jungle/Forest Background
Did you ever finish any of the other biomes?
Posted on 06-01-19, 04:31 am in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
Damn this is actually great, will check it out since there arent much NSMBU themes on 3DS
Posted on 05-20-19, 12:14 am in smm 3ds NSMBW Snow Theme
me like this.
Posted on 04-12-19, 04:50 pm in wip3dssmw Terraria Maker for Nintendo 3DS