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Happy Birthday, Tanookid!


Thanks Bun


Happy Birthday!
New Demo Released!

Click the download button for the link
Posted on 01-26-19, 10:46 pm in undertaledeltarunecostumewii usmb1 Undermaker
I love that reference in the download with the "SURVEY-PROGRAM"
Shut up Sheb I told you about that
Posted on 12-10-18, 06:30 pm in undertaledeltarunecostumewii usmb1 Undermaker

Posted on 12-09-18, 04:38 pm in undertaledeltarunecostumewii usmb1 Undermaker (rev. 11 by Tanoo on 01-27-19, 09:39 pm)

Did a thing for 3DS. I dunno if I'm gonna do everything but I'm gonna at least do World. Though it isnt a straight port, like I replaced the mushroom platform with Grey Bricks and the underground has less stuff because it looked a bit cluttered in my eyes.

huh thats pretty neat
Posted on 10-11-18, 11:21 am in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
Vanilla Revamped and the Minecraft mod

Vanilla Revamped looks amazing and feels more like a fangame than a mod
Minecraft mod was the first one I ever saw and played it was also my inspiration for Terraria Maker!
Posted on 08-14-18, 06:18 pm in What's your favorite mod for Super Mario Maker
I've played terraria before, and it seems like the perfect game to put into Super Mario Maker, so nice job!
Posted on 08-08-18, 12:57 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
I am mostly excited about the themes tbh. Even in the final release. Imma just keep mario as the player and ignore the terraria character. Keep up the good work!
Hey whatever works boi!
and thanks
Posted on 08-04-18, 05:08 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker (rev. 1 by Tanoo on 08-08-18, 12:56 pm)
Heh heh, Happy to see you all excited!
Also I plan on the Cavern Tiles Demo sometime next week!
so enjoy?
Should probably make that my main focus for now player sprites can wait...
Posted on 08-03-18, 06:48 am in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker (rev. 1 by Tanoo on 08-03-18, 03:13 pm)
As a person who likes Terraria, this is cool. Keep it up!
wow thanks I'm hoping it turns out good and people like it!
Posted on 07-19-18, 12:16 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker

Hi I'm Tanookid and this is my Mario Maker mod called Terraria maker.
It's a Work in Progress but when done should replace the Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World themes!

SMW Themes
Overworld = Snow Overworld
Underground = Snow Underground
Underwater = [Undecided]
Ghost House = Space/Floating island
Airship = Hallow Overworld
Castle = [Undecided]

SMB3 Themes
Overworld = Jungle Overworld
Underground = Jungle Underground
Underwater = Hive
Ghost House = Mushroom Biome
Airship = Crimson Overworld
Castle = Jungle/Lihzahrd Temple

SMB1 Themes
Overworld = Forest Overworld
Underground = Cavern
Underwater = Ocean
Ghost House = Dungeon
Airship = Corruption Overworld
Castle = Underworld

I also plan on making other random biomes as seperate mini mods!

Posted on 07-19-18, 01:55 am in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker (rev. 9 by Tanoo on 12-30-18, 08:37 pm)