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Hello. I have gone absent from the Mario Maker Modding website for quite a while. High School is around the corner, and my mother returned the Mario Maker disc back to Family Video, the place I rented the disc. I am now unable to play the mods you guys have created for the entire community to see. I hope to get that Mario Maker disc back. In the meantime, I'm just going to play some Smash mods. It'll take a few months to even a year to get it back, but be happy I'll be staying from now on in the Mario Maker community. Anyways, I'll see you later!
Posted on 08-08-18, 02:42 pm in Absent from MMM / See you later, MMM!
From NightYoshi:
Ah, Sonic Boll modding. I want to try and get around to playing that game.
Go ahead. Be my guest.
Posted on 07-25-18, 05:11 pm in Introduce yourself!
Hey there. I'm GamingPrix. I have just joined as of July 25th. I'm going to try to make a Super Mario Maker mod. There's a SLIGHT chance of that happening, though. I hope to meet some new people! I'll make a little skin replace test. I'm a little bit of a Roblox fan, though. Modding is tough, right? People might hate me for making a Roblox Noob in Mario Maker, but this is the second time I'm making a Noob. The first time was on the Sonic Boll 1.8 Gamebanana.
Here's the link to the first time I made the Noob.

Edit: I can't dump Super Mario Maker on to my PC, so I have no choice but to suggest my mod ideas to other modders.
Posted on 07-25-18, 04:50 pm in Introduce yourself! (rev. 1 by GamingPrix on 07-30-18, 11:16 am)