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Hi, I'm wrath. I'm 18 years old and I will not tell you my location :)
My favorite games from the Mario series are Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Odyssey. I also love Pokémon and other Nintendo game series like Zelda and Animal Crossing (Switch version when?).

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Hello back from the old one as I'm too lazy to switch over :P


Hello from the new mario making mods


Oh hi, thanks :)


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I'm dissapointed nobody voted for me :(
Posted on 12-24-18, 12:10 am in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018
I'm not a huge fan of NSMBU, I want Super Mario 3D World tbh.
Posted on 09-17-18, 12:32 am in New Super Mario Bros Collection
I have an Xbox One, Xbox 360, a Wii, a Switch, a 3DS, A DSi XL, a DS Lite, a PSP and an SNES Classic
Posted on 08-01-18, 05:36 pm in What consoles do you own?
As a person who likes Terraria, this is cool. Keep it up!
Posted on 07-19-18, 09:19 am in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
You'll need to config with the CSS files
Try look here for existing themes
Posted on 06-29-18, 07:26 pm in Image Questions
I love the inconsistency of my name being spelt. :P

Posted on 06-20-18, 08:11 am in What's up? June 19th, 2018 (rev. 1 by wrathsoffire76 on 06-24-18, 11:33 pm)
Paladins (2018)
Join 25+ million players in Paladins, the free-to-play fantasy team-based shooter sensation. Wield guns and magic as a legendary Champion of the Realm™, customizing your core set of abilities to play exactly how you want to play.
Except you have to pay for the Switch version.
Posted on 06-15-18, 06:08 pm in Nintendo E3 2018 Overview
I felt it was very lack in terms of new announcements because all we got was Super Smash Bros. for like 30 mins. I feel like Microsoft and Bethesda did really well this year.
Posted on 06-13-18, 11:25 pm in Nintendo E3 2018 Overview
Git gud :3
Posted on 06-10-18, 07:18 pm in Toad Chat
Here is some activity
Posted on 05-31-18, 10:42 pm in Toad Chat

I just want to say a big happy birthday to MMM. This is a fairly small but also great community with lots of spirit and you don't get that in every place. Thanks to all the mods and admins and the modders who help keep this place thriving and expanding :)
Posted on 05-17-18, 08:25 pm in What's up? - May 17th 2018
I actually think that's a cool idea.
Posted on 05-15-18, 04:29 pm in profiles Board themes on other profiles
Don't mind me, I'm just going to drop my Theme Plaza profile right here ;)
Posted on 02-20-18, 02:22 am in off-topic3ds themes Custom Nintendo 3DS Themes
Can we all appreciate the fact that Bowser is Wario
Posted on 12-31-17, 03:10 am in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Firefox or die :^)

Also, Chrome is bloatware. Stop using it.
Posted on 12-31-17, 03:02 am in What Web-Browsers do you commonly use? (rev. 2 by wrathsoffire76 on 12-31-17, 03:04 am)
Ok, my username is wrathsoffire76
Posted on 12-28-17, 10:51 pm in Minecraft
Is this still a thing?
Posted on 12-28-17, 10:47 pm in Minecraft

I absolutely love Joel and all of the Vinesauce team
Posted on 12-27-17, 06:47 pm in Vargskelethor Joel mystery costume
I really hate SEGA for doing this, seeing that just a couple months ago, a fan game offically supported by them (you might have heard of it, Sonic Maina?) released and now this BS happens because they are salty or something?
Posted on 12-25-17, 07:25 pm in So SEGA turned into Nintendo
Ok, so is this just modding SMB1?
Posted on 12-11-17, 03:07 am in SMB Physics Hack!