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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Woohoo! That's what I needed!
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
	printf("Hello World!");



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@ sks316


You got one of the best ID's ever lmao
I own a Game Boy Advance, a GameCube, multiple Wiis, a Wii U, a few DS systems (most of which are broken), multiple 3DS systems, a Switch, a couple Xbox 360 consoles, and a Nintendo 64 which I'm not even sure works anymore. I used to have a PSOne , but I'm not sure what happened to it.
Posted on 07-30-18, 09:31 pm in What consoles do you own?
I personally think Nintendo won E3. Most of the Direct may have been just Smash, but that made it even better IMHO.
Posted on 06-16-18, 06:44 pm in Nintendo E3 2018 Overview
Considering this is Toad Chat, I feel this image is more than appropriate for the subject.
Posted on 02-26-18, 03:16 pm in Toad Chat
Just a theme I recently made

That looks really nice! May I have a download please?
Posted on 02-22-18, 03:51 pm in off-topic3ds themes Custom Nintendo 3DS Themes
I remember Huseyin der Mentage made a MMM 3DS theme along time ago. I would post it here, but I lost it. :P
Well that sucks. I would've liked to see it too.
Posted on 02-20-18, 12:58 am in off-topic3ds themes Custom Nintendo 3DS Themes
Note: Before you continue, you will need homebrew or custom firmware access on your Nintendo 3DS console to use any of the themes showcased in this thread. You may use this guide to gain CFW access.

Hey there MMM! I've made quite a few custom 3DS themes and decided to share them here, but then I figured "Why not make a megathread for them?" So, here we are!

To make 3DS themes, it's recommended you use Usagi 3DS Theme Editor.
To install 3DS themes, it's recommended you use Anemone3DS.
To download (or upload) themes, you can use Theme Plaza.

Here are just two of my best 3DS themes (in my opinion):

You can find a link to the rest of my themes in my signature.

Now I'd like to see what you all have made! Reply with your custom 3DS themes that you have made, and be sure to link to a download so we can use them!
Posted on 02-20-18, 12:55 am in off-topic3ds themes Custom Nintendo 3DS Themes
I love it. It works with the Metro Kingdom theme perfectly in my opinion.
Posted on 01-01-18, 07:06 am in Goomba Shoe Fun (rev. 1 by sks316 on 01-01-18, 07:07 am)
Smash Bros. layout please? You can choose whichever colors you want and the images and how you position them doesn't really matter.
Posted on 07-10-17, 07:31 am in Post Layouts Guide
Well, as soon as there's a release, I'll check it out!
Posted on 07-10-17, 07:26 am in nsmbu Other Super Mario Bros. U
I'm sks316. For the longest time, I've been interested in the hacking scene for the 3DS and Wii U, and I've kept to GBAtemp for all of my game and console mods. I never knew that there was an entire modding forum for Super Mario Maker, and now that I do, I'm glad to be here. If someone could show me the ropes, that would be nice.
Posted on 07-06-17, 08:31 pm in Introduce yourself!