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Since: 12-17-18
Hello everyone! I'm WillyDav (you can call me willy) I'm new here but since I just started,I already made a mod for the 3ds version of Super Mario Maker (I don't have a wii u ) The mod takes the NSMBU Mario's pyshics into the SMB1 Mario :D

Downloads right here:
Posted on 12-17-18, 06:37 am
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Since: 06-11-19
if you have a switch when mario maker 2 comes out you should make this for that
Posted on 06-14-19, 09:50 pm
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What folder do you put it in?
Check out my other places, subscribing would be nice too:

I regularly post art of cartoons, video games and my original characters. I also have montly request slots.

Nothing much yet but will soon have things like playthroughs of my Mario Maker levels, good Smash Bros matches and discussions about animation.
Posted on 06-17-19, 05:57 am