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What games do you expect for this year ? On the E3 is Nintendo's conference going to be successful ?

I think the conference is going to be successful IF they announce great games and DLC for older games (Super Mario Odyssey as an example). I would like to see Luigis Mansion 3, Super Mario Maker 2/Deluxe whatever, Smash 4 Port, Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay and Release date, and the new yoshi game.

So far we know about:

-Kirby Star Allies
-Mario Tennis Aces
-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Port
-Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition
-Metroid Prime 4
-Yoshi 2018
-Pikmin 4
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You lighted my eyes.

Yeah, Pikmin 4 is what i'm expecting most from this year. As long as it doesn't add new funky mode or it's boring/short as the first.

And Star Allies too.

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Posted on 03-04-18, 07:56 am
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Well, now (even though it’s well after E3) we have Smash 5 announced.
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Posted on 03-09-18, 02:54 pm
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Actually I wasn't expecting Smash 5. We are getting many Wii U ports (like everytime) and I'm sad that the Luigi's Mansion Remake is coming for 3DS.
Posted on 03-09-18, 03:12 pm
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Welp, I guess now we can use this thread as a review in general for a review of Nintendo's 2018.

Well, I gotta say that it was pretty underwhelming in the beginning. A kirby game that was way too easy, another Pokemon Red/Green/Blue remake made for Pokemon Go players, a new announcement of a port of NSMBU and just overall things weren't looking up fairly well for me.

Though, the end of 2018 was what I was waiting for. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is probably one of the biggest nintendo switch games I've ever seen, and probably boosted sales a lot. Though, it is kind of a let down that smash was the one to save the day.
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