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Since: 01-16-18
throughout the years, Makers such as myself have been tiring to out do ourselves and each other, in an attempt to make Super Mario Maker history.

Today, I believe I've bested both my self and other Makers as we dive into something not talked about in the Super Mario Maker. Player trust and input

level ID:


I hope you enjoy, as more is on the way.
Posted on 03-15-18, 09:06 am
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Since: 05-18-17

Well, I would play it, but Nintendo banned me for posting hacked levels so I can’t.
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Posted on 03-15-18, 10:56 am
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Since: 01-16-18
Well, I would play it, but Nintendo banned me for posting hacked levels so I can’t.

Wait... YOU GOT BANNED??? so you can't even play levels then?
Posted on 03-15-18, 12:43 pm
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Since: 05-17-17
From: Mushroom Kingdom
Yeah, GRA got banned from Mario Maker and Splatoon, hence why I recommend to upload it on SMMDB. Not only for GRA, though. Mainly for everyone that has been banned like Psycrow, and many others.
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Posted on 03-16-18, 01:49 am
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Since: 01-16-18
ok i will try but no garentees
Posted on 03-16-18, 01:50 am
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Since: 08-09-17
From: Bardoli, India
is this going to be uploaded on SMMDB ? Looks intriguing from the desc. atleast...
Posted on 04-13-18, 06:57 pm
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Since: 01-16-18
From: Chemical Plant Zone

Hmm... Will check out ASAP.
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Posted on 04-13-18, 10:58 pm