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Hey uh

im here

thats cool not


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happy b-day

Kirisame M

^ it knows its for commies


Ahh. Its because blargboard isn't a fan of Opera, so I thought it also didn't work for you


Did voting break for you?




Wait, is this site blocked?


Well, yeah, if you are going to block ads, at least I'll give them a proper annoyance.


Nah, it works


Don't mind if the online users thing breaks


Ok, so I'm going to be testing out some new code


I'm putting forum on maintenance for a few moments




Now I am


Sure, just hold on


Good, thanks


can you see it now?


Wait, you can wipe posts?






o well
I use firefox, chrome, and seamonkey depending on the computer

i am not a fan of chrome, however
Posted on 12-19-17, 03:13 am in What Web-Browsers do you commonly use?
Yeah, though, when I got the server, it came with some random bootleg text editor.

then that must have been some nonstandard debian or something, anyway, glad you got nano going
Posted on 12-18-17, 06:30 pm in Text editors thread
For the server, though, (aka Debian 9), fuck the text editor that comes with it. I'd rather get nano.

nano comes with most linuxes lol

also, coding on a mac isnt too bad, as bbedit is pretty dang close to a notepad++
Posted on 12-18-17, 06:28 pm in Text editors thread
what text editors do you guys use for programming or whatever?

personally, it depends on the os, if its windows its the old reliable notepad++.

if its mac os x, I use BBedit, its the sequel to text wrangler, but you can buy it for more features, or use it for free.

linux, i just use whatever text editor comes with the os.

theres so many text editors out there, so i guess if you like options there that.
Posted on 12-18-17, 06:21 pm in Text editors thread
might be nice

give people other things to talk about
Posted on 12-15-17, 06:18 pm in suggestion Add Gaming and Tech forums?
I know IBM made the first computers.(unrelated)

But was Apple or Windows around first?

iirc mac os predated windows

i think
Posted on 12-14-17, 07:53 pm in Windows XP
theres very much wrong

fcc voted 3-2 to repel

congress is going crazy trying to save it

so is twitter
Posted on 12-14-17, 07:50 pm in Net neutrality
Apple has been around longer: they started making OSes in around 1982, while MS-DOS came out in 1985.
Linux/Unix based OSes came about around the mid-90s.

Apple these days just has a proprietary-added and more optimised FreeBSD base as opposed to their own operating system. This does mean making Unix-compliant software will work good on MacOS.

if your talking about the os on the apple 2, microsoft had a hand in that

microsoft basic was the most popular basic of the age of basic
Posted on 12-14-17, 03:42 pm in Windows XP
2017 was okay i guess

my 9th grade school year isnt looking too good though
Posted on 12-07-17, 05:56 pm in Toad Chat
No they aren't... Discord uses Windows 10 notifications, and Chrome uses... well, Chrome notifications.

actually, the discord app for windows and mac os x is basically chrome

you can press control+shift+i for proof (on windows atleast)

so it'd probably use the same notifos on the os as chrome would
Posted on 12-06-17, 09:41 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by FROG on 12-06-17, 09:42 pm)
7 has telemetry spying updates in every Patch Tuesday nowadays and tries to force updates and prevent you turning off the Windows Update service, like 10, since a while ago.

@Samplasion: Vista SP2 was a rock solid and damn good OS, it’s the RTM that was slow and crappy.

man why did they have to ruin 7? it was actually good ya know

oh well
Posted on 12-01-17, 08:16 pm in Windows XP (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 12-06-17, 04:03 am)
Debian is a better distribution in my opinion.

Back on-topic however, as a user of Windows XP SP3 up until today (switched to Vista SP2), support is literally on its last legs and will probably be gone by Q1 2018.

why not just use windows 7? its got a little more official support left in it unlike vista iirc
Posted on 11-27-17, 09:12 pm in Windows XP
okay, since i dont feel like making a new thread for this, ill just post this here

okay, so why is it tht all of the bfres editing tools have "Export all" but none of them have "import all"?

like, if it exports all the files, cant it just reimport them all? itd be helpful in certain cases where you have over 50 textures...
Posted on 11-21-17, 03:36 pm in Toad Chat
okay, first off what version of the game is this for?

wii u or threedeeess
Posted on 11-20-17, 07:09 pm in 3ds SMB1 Flat Underground
needs more bup

good to know

7/10 not enough grand dad

some say theres too much granddad
Posted on 11-20-17, 01:32 pm in Mario kart 8: meme track retexture

Now, you have wexos toolbox for making the process of changing the textures simple.

except not as it still doesnt have an import all, meaning its just as slow

edit: also doesnt convert the graphics to something more editable
Posted on 11-20-17, 01:26 pm in Mario kart 8: meme track retexture (rev. 1 by FROG on 11-20-17, 01:27 pm)



yeah its memes

however version 3 of the bfres tool by aboodxd is annoying for not having import all, so it takes a while to do them

Posted on 11-20-17, 01:31 am in Mario kart 8: meme track retexture (rev. 2 by FROG on 11-20-17, 01:58 pm)

I vote isaac because its simple.


also hes isaac

Posted on 11-20-17, 01:29 am in New Icon Voting

so a while back i took mario curcuit and retextured it to be meme hell.

i think i did an okay job with the memes, but it took like an hour.!

(this was posted from my wii u)

WiiU_screenshot_TV_010EC.jpg — 494.99 KiB, viewed 109 times
Posted on 11-19-17, 10:08 pm in Mario kart 8: meme track retexture

Yeah, Im currently installing a new plugin which will convert the HTML to BBCode, because Im lazy. If this doesnt fix it, Ill try to fix it on sunday.


quote test

Posted on 11-17-17, 11:37 pm in What's Up? -November 14, 2017