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Happy Birthday!!








Hey JeDai!


Happy birthday!


happy birt dey


happy late birthday


Idk *


It doesn't and I do why


Chrome -> Firefox -> Vivaldi -> Pale Moon -> Opera -> ???


i really change of browser like a million of times


error: response not found




I'm actually not banned lol


If you don't own a Wii u, and can't run CEMU, then what are you doing here? xP


Wait a second


lets say I made a nsmbu custom level, could I post it on this forum and in that case, where?


omg lol I havent even got any of mine anymore xD


Yeah i do, blue with red yoshi right? made some avatars for you ;)
Is this still ongoing? 👀

In that case, I'd like to get whitelisted - I'm JeDaYoshi on Minecraft.
Posted on 03-17-18, 08:27 pm in Minecraft
Note (I'm like a day late, sorry ninja): It was a little mistake of mine, and I hope it won't happen again. I'm aware of what happened and the cause of it and already talked it with NightYoshi370. He still needs to setup daily backups but whatever~

I hope either it won't happen again, and sorry for my mistake.
Posted on 01-26-18, 03:57 am in Accidental screw up
On Windows I just use either Visual Studio Code, Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3.
I've never been close to a Mac in my life so can't say.
On Linux, either Visual Studio Code or gedit

On both Windows in cmd and Linux in terminal I just use nano. nano is bae

I need to at least know more of vi, though...
Posted on 12-18-17, 07:27 pm in Text editors thread
I definitely need a Wii U... or a good PC to run CEMU.

Good to see you back though :P
Posted on 09-17-17, 09:40 pm in When Penguin Fly! - my first custom NSMBU level

can i kill myself now
Posted on 09-17-17, 08:26 pm in What are your greatest life achievements?
Kupo! Welcome Tach. :P
Posted on 06-28-17, 11:13 pm in Introduce yourself!
a stupid government computer, woo

CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 847 @ 1.10GHz
GPU: None
Motherboard: no idea
OS: Xubuntu 16.04.2 LTS / Windows 7 Professional / RemixOS
Storage: 320 GB

I am not sure how am I living with this
Posted on 06-28-17, 05:32 pm in PCs thread
Hey Alberto!

Enjoy your stay here. I hope you're good on here - it's kinda good to have another Venezuelan in the forum. But please don't go spamming/advertising everyone, please <_<

Otherwise that be good and you should be okay!
Posted on 06-18-17, 05:14 pm in Introduce yourself! (rev. 1 by JeDaYoshi on 06-18-17, 05:15 pm)
So um, JeDa, if we don't do the switch to LunarBoard, can we use your software?

Although Lunarboard seems going well and is looking nice/professional, it can work - I'm also planning to do some modifications to make it more "today's websites"-alike or that, making fixes and making it more modern etc. while still keeping the good old Acmlm feel.
Posted on 06-10-17, 09:57 pm in Blalmboard
Currently no - It's all locally in my laptop, possibly I'll consider... putting it online, although not sure. Probably can do it and keep it on a private Git repository, I don't know
Posted on 06-08-17, 07:52 pm in Blalmboard
Probably it can work.

Personally I am doing this just because - I mean, not like "my biggest project, the one I'll dedicate most of time" etc. - just wanted to do this just because I can and I must. I already got the layout, the RPG in part so... there's other stuff to do but still, I already am working on something else mainly and this isn't...

I can look, though.
Posted on 06-08-17, 05:50 pm in Blalmboard
Hmm, interesting.

Any screenshots etc.? Just wanna know more, at the moment I'm really lazy to look at it.
Posted on 06-08-17, 05:49 pm in AcmlmBlarg - Blargboard, but Acmlmified
okay, I admit that I've been so *burn everyone* lately

But really we should try to be okay, find the best solution to all - and most important: try to not bring drama on here >_>
Posted on 06-03-17, 03:37 pm in Lets try to stop all the drama
Okay, sure, I might design one myself in a while.
Posted on 06-02-17, 12:08 am in Please stop using my logo -_-
We will not move the site without before making an announcement.
Posted on 05-28-17, 06:13 pm in Excuse me for the downtime >_>
To them, 'soon' is 2029.

That's the reason why SOON™ exists.
Posted on 05-28-17, 01:50 pm in Excuse me for the downtime >_>
I wanna learn to use GIMP, given all the stuff I used on Windows are a bit buggy on Wine... and well, that's the other great option.

Either way I couldn't make stuff on my phone, it's just a little piece of crap formed in a device.
Posted on 05-28-17, 01:46 pm in What are your greatest life achievements? (rev. 1 by JeDaYoshi on 05-28-17, 01:47 pm)
Not sure about Wii, but for your TV you can probably buy one.
Posted on 05-28-17, 01:44 pm in Toad Chat
I'd have if I knew it. but even that argument wasn't expected.
Posted on 05-28-17, 01:36 pm in Excuse me for the downtime >_>
(sorry for double post)

A note for everyone, in special the staff that went crazy and said if moving and that bullshit: If the server goes down again, it's most likely it isn't permanent unless I say it. I have had that for almost a year now, and I wanna keep it up. if it goes down forever I'd definitely say it before (or after, if I can't, but I will). now, don't go saying zachabossaloler needs to move board!, JeDa fucked it all! and that shit. no.
Posted on 05-28-17, 01:33 pm in Excuse me for the downtime >_>