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Thanks :)
Oh my god this looks great! It'd be nice to also do Bridge Zone from the SMS/GG version of Sonic 1 :)
Thanks! If I finish GHZ, I'll try to make Bridge too, but it would be more difficult due to the main gimmick (Falling bridges)
Posted on 06-07-17, 03:10 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
Love it! :D

Thanks! Do you happen to have some Object or Background list? I'm having a bad time searching for the beach 2 bg and ? Blocks
Posted on 06-07-17, 02:21 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
Would it be possible to make loops, even if they are fake. it make it more green hilly

also, I'd look into replaces the ? boxes with sonic 1 item monitors if you really want a green hill zone
I want to do all you mentioned, but first i needto know how to do it, making new titlesets and replacing object textures
Posted on 06-07-17, 07:36 am in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
I think it is good, just the corners look a bit weird to my eyes.
Oh, these corners have some Layer 2 titles behind, making them look blocky, it was a mistake, already fixed
Posted on 06-06-17, 09:41 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
Update 1: Working on text replacement,10% of Act 1 finished, I need help with BG texture editing
Posted on 06-06-17, 09:20 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
this looks familiar to something im making...

Huh? Are you making a Green Hill mod too?
Posted on 06-06-17, 06:52 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
Looking nice! But, what's the main objective of the hack? Just custom levels. recreations of previous games, or a fully custom hack with powerups, levels,worlds and graphic changes like Other NSMBU or Newer(Wii,DS,U)?
Posted on 06-06-17, 11:45 am in nsmb2w.i.pdemo Super Mario Bros. Next
Wow, this looks nice.

BTW, you should make a secret exit in Act 2, which can access Sonic Mania's Act 2. Basically:

Normal Exit=Sonic 1 act 3
Secret Exit=Sonic Mania act 2
That's a very good idea! Now I must figure how to recreate the atmosphere of that level, maybe I'll need some help making a completely custom titleset, as the one I'm using is actually a 1-1 titleset reskin. Now i think about recreating ManĂ­a, maybe I could even recreate Sonic Forces' Green Hill too, as it's desert themed and would add some nice diversity
Posted on 06-06-17, 05:35 am in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
Thanks Wayro! (Or Mayro) Fixed the imgs tags, i want to make progress soon!
Posted on 06-05-17, 09:52 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone (rev. 1 by MotoBadnik on 06-05-17, 09:53 pm)
I'm currently working on a custom level for NSMBU, a recreation of Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog, with a custom titleset (WiP) I'm planning on recreating all 3 acts. I would love some help, as I'm a beginner and I want the level to be as good as possible (Editing the background textures, replacing music, object textures...)
Here are some screenshots, what do you think?

It's being made with Miyamoto
Posted on 06-05-17, 08:52 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone (rev. 6 by MotoBadnik on 06-06-17, 09:20 pm)
So, NSMBW has a Questions thread, but SMM and NSMBU haven't.
Shouldn't there be a general questions and answers thread to help people getting started, or giving advice? Many others forums like SSRG have got one
Posted on 06-04-17, 08:53 am in Questions and Answers thread?
Hello! I'm MotoBadnik (also known as Somari73) and I want to mod NSMBU, in Working on a custom level, and I hope to improve with your help. I want to learn everything I can! I'm Spanish so my English isn't perfect. Thanks!
Posted on 06-04-17, 12:26 am in Introduce yourself!