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Fixing nuke


fixed :p


me** great spelling skillz


Oh, didn't realise. Thanks for telling ,e.


this is a late reply. ty~


what a night it was. glad the forum was restored
Posted on 04-03-18, 02:01 am in We were hacked?
apple, the company, came before windows
Posted on 03-02-18, 01:11 pm in Windows XP
Fucking hell. it sucks I won't be able to talk to you anymore. but this is good for your life

do what helps you most, see you later. I doubt you will not have your computer back fairly soon lol so maybe sooner than later i'll see you
Posted on 03-02-18, 04:34 am in Toad Chat
gradivus (weapons): +300 atk, +70 spd, +200 def, +40 res, 78000 coins | The power of the Dark Sphere is stored in this lance.
Posted on 02-20-18, 10:15 pm in fiver's item shop thread
hello o/ i'm fiver

this is a thread for item shop suggestions

format of suggestion:
Item name (item catagory): Stat boosts, number of coins | description
Wind broach (accessories): +15 speed +15 res, 75 coins | it looks pretty!
Posted on 02-19-18, 10:07 pm in fiver's item shop thread
i think it looks alright the way it is, bottom comments are using at xeogaming and they look decent
Posted on 02-19-18, 10:05 pm in Toad Chat
ay nice job on the acmlmboard layout, looks pretty smooth
Posted on 02-19-18, 09:57 pm in Toad Chat
* Most missed Miky88
* Best regular user Miky88
* Best avatar Miky88
* Best bio Miky88
* Most likely to show up once then disappear forever Miky88
* Most likely to use Acmlmboard or ABXD for their own board Miky88
* Best potential leader Miky88
all of these votes shouldn't be counted - Miky88 is a rereg of him.

(if you want proof, I can PM you)
Posted on 12-16-17, 12:09 am in Mario Making Mods Mosts 2017
well, would you care to list them? :P
Posted on 12-16-17, 12:04 am in How bans work
well, I'm actually not actually sure I'll keep the 120 second feature... I dunno if I'll be consistent enough with how long the levels last. Maybe 200 seconds for every single level, I dunno.

I'll see what I can do with the hurry up jingle.
Posted on 11-22-17, 08:41 pm in NSMBW Rush Hour
Notification tab?

Well, I made it so that any time a new MMM "what's up" series is published, it would push notify you on your phone.
can you make it to where it goes away when you say no?
Posted on 11-22-17, 06:12 am in Toad Chat
As for the levels, are you going to replace all the levels, or is that all the list you have.
all the levels on the list.

I want a kinda generic logo with Rush Hour in it lol if that works

will see the best logo that I get from whoever wants to make one
Posted on 11-22-17, 06:11 am in NSMBW Rush Hour
(k64 thread)
hack name may be subject to change, as I don't have an official name and logo yet, lol

This is an NSMBW hack with smaller levels that must be completed in 120 seconds, while Tower and Castle levels will be completed in 240 seconds.

Some other things:
-no checkpoints in normal levels. Some castles/towers will have them.
-list of replaced levels in this hack:
all of world 1 (World 6 Cannon)
all of world 2 (World 6 Cannon)
3-Ghost (World 6 Cannon)
3-Tower is a placeholder.
all of world 6
7-1 and 6-Cannon are cannons to world 8.
all of world 8

have literally 1 leve close to done rn, no download now as I'm polishing the details

Things I need help with:
XML file - I know nothing about these
Logo - no artistic skill
Extra level designer/quality checker - Not entirely essential, but would really speed up things

stay tuned for changes to this thread. there'll be a lot.
Posted on 11-21-17, 05:33 am in NSMBW Rush Hour
how far is this or has anything been done
Posted on 06-17-17, 02:48 am in plan stagerecruitingideas welcome Unnamed NSMBW Community Hack
so who actually cares about the new kirby game that looks FUCKING AMAZING HOLYWOW

helpers coming back is a dream come true, I'm gonna get a switch regardless now
Posted on 06-17-17, 02:41 am in Toad Chat
yeah. I actually thought about coming back to it because I feel more creative and mature with level design and I can actually test things on my wii
Posted on 06-17-17, 02:39 am in new forum Add NSMBW