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Since: 06-17-17
(k64 thread)
hack name may be subject to change, as I don't have an official name and logo yet, lol

This is an NSMBW hack with smaller levels that must be completed in 120 seconds, while Tower and Castle levels will be completed in 240 seconds.

Some other things:
-no checkpoints in normal levels. Some castles/towers will have them.
-list of replaced levels in this hack:
all of world 1 (World 6 Cannon)
all of world 2 (World 6 Cannon)
3-Ghost (World 6 Cannon)
3-Tower is a placeholder.
all of world 6
7-1 and 6-Cannon are cannons to world 8.
all of world 8

have literally 1 leve close to done rn, no download now as I'm polishing the details

Things I need help with:
XML file - I know nothing about these
Logo - no artistic skill
Extra level designer/quality checker - Not entirely essential, but would really speed up things

stay tuned for changes to this thread. there'll be a lot.
Posted on 11-21-17, 05:33 am
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From: Mushroom Kingdom
Wow. TBH, I would pick a generic name like "NSMBW: Time trials" but this is better.

As for the levels, are you going to replace all the levels, or is that all the list you have.

Also, I can make a logo for you. Just tell me what theme you want it to be.
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Posted on 11-22-17, 03:56 am
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As for the levels, are you going to replace all the levels, or is that all the list you have.
all the levels on the list.

I want a kinda generic logo with Rush Hour in it lol if that works

will see the best logo that I get from whoever wants to make one
Posted on 11-22-17, 06:11 am
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From: Box
Hearing the "hurry up" jingle 20 seconds in every time would surely get really tiresome unless it was removed. But I'm interested in how this'll look.
Posted on 11-22-17, 08:36 pm
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well, I'm actually not actually sure I'll keep the 120 second feature... I dunno if I'll be consistent enough with how long the levels last. Maybe 200 seconds for every single level, I dunno.

I'll see what I can do with the hurry up jingle.
Posted on 11-22-17, 08:41 pm
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From: Yeah, no.
...Well, I could make an XML for you. Is this NewerSMBW, or NewSMBW?
Posted on 11-24-17, 11:53 am