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So um, has the victor been decided?
Posted on 02-16-18, 11:52 am in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
So basically, in NSMBDS, you would put it in W8-Tower2?
Actually, yes. Just like that :P
Posted on 01-26-18, 07:51 pm in Bowser Jr.s Hellfire Castle
Very nice Castle level. If this was a full 2D Mario game, I'd make this the course right before my Bowser Castle course ;)
Posted on 01-26-18, 07:49 pm in Bowser Jr.s Hellfire Castle

Is that your first Tank course? If so, very good job at it :)
Posted on 01-26-18, 07:46 pm in A normal tank level

Okay, here are my course submissions. It was a very hard choice...

Bowser's Castle 64 of
Posted on 01-09-18, 03:23 am in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
...Well, I could make an XML for you. Is this NewerSMBW, or NewSMBW?
Posted on 11-24-17, 11:53 am in NSMBW Rush Hour
Original post can be found here
This is my first NSMBW hack, It contains:
-Newer SMBW features (Made by Newer team)
-New boss: Shadow Mario (Made by StupidMarioBros1Fan)
-New level (Made by me)
-New Worldmap


Download: dead
Posted on 11-11-17, 05:32 am in released New Super Mario Bros Wii: Sunshine Edition (rev. 2 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 11-11-17, 02:28 pm)
So how do you disrupt harmony?

Danster64 runs away!
Posted on 09-12-17, 09:17 pm in Toad Chat
Here's a nice tutorial I found online by John10v10. Credit to him for making this.

Posted on 08-25-17, 05:48 am in video How to replace SFX in NSMBW
This is a mod created by StupidMarioBros1Fan. So credit to him.

This is a texture and model hack that recolors Bowser to look like Dark Bowser from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
It also slightly remodels Bowser's hair to resemble Dark Bowser's. StupidMarioBros1Fan also made Bowser's voice deeper.

This is untested in NewerSMBW, but it probably won't work.
My theory is that the Newer Team may have modified Bowser's original arc file to allow certain things in their boss fights.

Here's StupidMarioBros1Fan video on this.

Posted on 08-25-17, 05:46 am in newsmbwmodel/texture Dark Bowser over Bowser
This is a famous model hack by StupidMarioBros1Fan. He made it, so credit to him.

Not only does this mod replace Mario with Bowser, but it also replaces
all of the icons of Mario. Even the opening cutscene!

This doesn't work in NewerSMBW.

Here's his video showing it off.

Posted on 08-25-17, 05:45 am in newsmbwmodel Bowser over Mario
This is a recently made model/texture mod by StupidMarioBros1Fan.

It replaces Mario with Mr. M and Luigi with Mr. L. It has a few model modifications.

Here's his video on it!

Posted on 08-25-17, 05:44 am in newsmbwmodel/texture Mr. M & Mr. L over Mario & Luigi
Hi! In NSMBW, some course slots have hardcoded functions. I was hoping we could all cooperate and make a list of all
hardcoded features in each course slot! This includes sprites that are required to let a course work.
I'll place what I know, and then add whatever you guys know! :)

Also, if you're a moderator, feel free to add/edit anything you know, when you want to. ;)

Posted on 08-25-17, 05:42 am in Hardcoded Course Slots In NSMBW
I was on Youtube watching videos, when I came across something berried in my lost memories.

2-3 years ago, MrBean35000vr and Chadderz started a project of online multiplayer for basically any local multiplayer game
on the Wii. Coincidentally, they started this project with New Super Mario Bros Wii! They made two videos on this. One as
an announcement, and another as a proper Proof of Concept.

There hasn't been much mention of this, until about a year ago. They said they'd continue this later.
We haven't done this for a while, but we will be working on it again at some point, since this project is too good to let die. Eventually It might become generic enough that it could support anything with local multiplayer, we will see!

There is its early source available here.

And thanks to 9211tr for finding this, we have a compiled version! The version you can download and use!
BTW, a compiled/binary download is here, thanks to louisboss99 on GBATemp (I didn't compile it or upload it):!i9gUAZLa!5xnoZ7uZx05hVbgqFYmce4J2Y_n8naPfjAZM7qvrbT4

I found the link for the compiled/binary download on this thread on GBATemp, when doing a Google search for a compiled/binary download of the project.
I posted this hoping someone knew how to compile this code, so we could try it out for ourselves and maybe release it in the
near future. What do you guys think? :)
Posted on 08-25-17, 05:32 am in NSMBW Online Multiplayer (Possibly For Other Games)
I checked on my bookmark site, and realized I passed the 6000 Star mark. So I started considering making a level.
I asked for ideas from Discord, and when I was about to remake my first course, I realized from looking at one of
Hüseyin the Mighty's levels that I haven't made a course themed after a tank brigade. :)

Sooo, I made one! The first area based off a Tank brigade is an autoscroll. I made it scroll a little faster than
usual so that the autoscroll segment wouldn't take too long. After that, you enter the second half of the stage which
is a castle. It's not an autoscroller. It also is pretty fun to speed through, if you know the stage. At the end of
that part, there is a unique / custom Bowser Jr boss fight that I reused remastered stole copied updated from past courses! :D

Oh. Also, there are 4 Pink Coins around the whole course that, if all gathered, can be used to either make the boss easier,
or skip the whole battle entirely. You decide! ;)

Posted on 08-22-17, 06:40 am in traditionalautoscrollnormal 6043 Star Special - Jr Armada (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 08-22-17, 02:38 pm)
Glad you both like the level! Also, this would really go well with that Sonic mod. :)
Posted on 08-18-17, 05:36 am in traditionaleasy Green Hill Zone Act 1
Really? That's how I modded my Wii U. By Letterbomb.

Is there like a new update stopping the letter bomb?
Posted on 08-16-17, 06:21 pm in nsmbw Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon
Newer Falling Leaf is a mod made by The Newer Team (Skawo). It uses the Newer Engine.
This is the description from The Newer Team:
Newer: Falling Leaf is an autumnal game based on the Newer engine, released in December 2014. It includes 8 new levels in a variety of themes!

This mod is compatible with all Europe, US and Japan game discs.

Here's some gameplay!

Posted on 08-16-17, 05:12 am in nsmbw Newer Falling Leaf
Newer Holiday Special is a mod of NSMBW created by the Newer Team. It has a winter theme.
Description of the mod from The Newer Team:
Newer: Holiday Special is a frosty adventure created to celebrate Christmas 2011. Explore 8 of the coldest levels you'll ever see, set to chilly music and new, icy textures!

This mod is compatible with all Europe, US and Japan game discs.

Here's some gameplay!


Posted on 08-16-17, 05:03 am in nsmbw Newer Holiday Special
Newer Summer Sun is a mini hack made by the Newer Team!
It's a nice simple hack themed off of... Summer.
Description from NewerTeam's website:
Newer: Summer Sun is a short game with a hot theme, originally released in Summer 2012. It features 23 new levels and some fresh music!

This mod is compatible with all Europe and US game discs, and version 1 of the Japanese release. Japanese v2 is not yet supported.

Here's a fan made trailer!

(Thanks to NightYoshi for somehow managing to find this)


Posted on 08-16-17, 04:45 am in nsmbw Newer Summer Sun (rev. 3 by Danster64 on 08-16-17, 05:04 am)