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I checked on my bookmark site, and realized I passed the 6000 Star mark. So I started considering making a level.
I asked for ideas from Discord, and when I was about to remake my first course, I realized from looking at one of
Hüseyin the Mighty's levels that I haven't made a course themed after a tank brigade. :)

Sooo, I made one! The first area based off a Tank brigade is an autoscroll. I made it scroll a little faster than
usual so that the autoscroll segment wouldn't take too long. After that, you enter the second half of the stage which
is a castle. It's not an autoscroller. It also is pretty fun to speed through, if you know the stage. At the end of
that part, there is a unique / custom Bowser Jr boss fight that I reused remastered stole copied updated from past courses! :D

Oh. Also, there are 4 Pink Coins around the whole course that, if all gathered, can be used to either make the boss easier,
or skip the whole battle entirely. You decide! ;)

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Idk how im second most active I'm now 99.9^100% dead
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Dats a lot of stars
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