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From: Yeah, no.
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This is my first NSMBW hack, It contains:
-Newer SMBW features (Made by Newer team)
-New boss: Shadow Mario (Made by StupidMarioBros1Fan)
-New level (Made by me)
-New Worldmap


Download: dead

Posted on 11-11-17, 05:32 am (rev. 2 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 11-11-17, 02:28 pm)
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please delete your post, this hack is mine, and i post it myself, please understand and delete it.
Posted on 11-11-17, 08:41 am
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Dat weeb NSMBU hacker though :3
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From: Not under a rock! :3
Eh, well, he didn't say that it's his hack, but...
Stella is best waifu. :3

Posted on 11-11-17, 09:00 am
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yes, I know -_-
Posted on 11-11-17, 09:11 am
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From: Final Destination
I'll trash this hack because it contains stolen New Super Mario Bros Wii and Newer Super Mario Bros Wii levels.
Posted on 11-11-17, 02:27 pm