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This is the first forum software I have ever worked on, so here we go.

Welcome AcmlmBlarg. Blargboard, but Acmlmified.

So what is AcmlmBlarg?
It is a forum software based off of Blargboard and WWXD, with a AcmlmBoard feel. It will have many features ported from ABXD 3 and AB2.064.

Where are the screenshots so far?
I can't get the board up and running since the installation is running with errors, but you can help the ABL Team.

TODO list, directly copypasted from the FTP

* Create a warning system (PHP)
* Implant the K64 PM notification type thingys
* Make PMs like threads
* Add a "Conversation read by: $user" in PMs
* Be able to choose which layout to use, Blarg or Acmlm. (exp)
* Make an announcement list, no replies. Just the first post of an announcements, with "View replies ($replyCount)" below
* Make it so the login page is available when posting as a guest.
* Add thread description
* Add proxy protection, emails, IPs and usernames. Via SFS
* Make my own themes for AB
* PHP info, port from ABXD
* MySQL password and username info, in case an admin needs to access the forum (This can be disabled if need be)
* Work on more BBCode
* Make the rainbows come up, and you don't have to specify your age

Error fixing
* install.php, broken
* Much more needs fixing too

Posted on 06-07-17, 03:47 pm
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Nice copypasta from the NSMBHD software tho.

I did the same with my fork, but i actually made stuff over it. The StopForumSpam stuff is rather easy to implement, if you know PHP.

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Posted on 06-07-17, 07:36 pm
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I am trying to figure out what could be causing the db.sql error whilst installing, it's not meant to be a copypasta of the NSMBHD software though.

It has their layout, a few of their plugins and the rest is 90% Blargboard and 10% WWXD.
Posted on 06-07-17, 07:59 pm
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Hmm, interesting.

Any screenshots etc.? Just wanna know more, at the moment I'm really lazy to look at it.
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Posted on 06-08-17, 05:49 pm
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The board won't install, I'll send the current files via PM since Git doesn't allow more than 100 files at a time.
Posted on 06-08-17, 06:28 pm
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I'll try that, I'll probably cancel the whole AcmlmBlarg adventure and help out with Blalm.

Trashing this.
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Posted on 06-09-17, 05:09 pm