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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Woohoo! That's what I needed!
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
	printf("Hello World!");

My names zachabossaloler But my real names Zach obviously

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oh ok


I am still here


R u still here


your site got nuked




Join IRC. I need to talk to you.


My point was that this is a board to revive NSMBW, NSMBU, and SMM hacking. Not to advertise our youtube channels. Otherwise everyone's gonna leave.


Hey! How can i dump SMM?




sup bro!




So if i message you a question here, you anwser me back on my profile so it notifies me.


oh lol thanks. Also btw when responding to posts its recomend to respond on the messagers side like I did for you.


oh its done


i will


nevermind its ok you don't have to fix it


Well I already failed on the first day but can you remove the space in my username please? Sorry




ok i probably wont get time to do a layout now but ugh


I'll make you one tomorrow :3

This is just a small mod I made theirs a new mod upcomming that you can see on my youtube channel
Posted on 04-01-18, 09:06 am in SMB2 Underground theme
Looks really cool! Could you make a Halloween mod for the SMW haunted house too? Because there are a lot of SMM mods that already replace this slot.
Yes I could try
It's a little late, dont'cha think?

Jk. Good job!
Thanks I know its late
Posted on 12-19-17, 09:50 am in wii u Mario Maker Halloween theme (rev. 2 by zachabossaloler on 12-19-17, 09:52 am)
Oh the edit music i haven't change its there because i am using cemu and the files are still on my Mario Maker copy
Posted on 12-18-17, 04:23 pm in wii u Mario Maker Halloween theme
A video using this theme

This is one of the first tile sets I have made mostly myself
Music import: Mayrosmm
Music: meowpik259
Posted on 12-18-17, 04:04 pm in wii u Mario Maker Halloween theme (rev. 2 by zachabossaloler on 12-18-17, 04:11 pm)
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Posted on 12-12-17, 05:14 pm in Mario Making Mods Mosts 2017 (rev. 5 by zachabossaloler on 12-12-17, 05:49 pm)
why can't the real owner of the board advertise his lets plays
Posted on 05-29-17, 04:17 pm in ongoing Mlg super luigi Wii v1.1 Lets plays
you can put you LP of sure
Posted on 05-29-17, 04:07 pm in ongoing Mlg super luigi Wii v1.1 Lets plays
EP 1
More coming soon
Posted on 05-29-17, 04:01 pm in ongoing Mlg super luigi Wii v1.1 Lets plays
Also other on being vegetarian for 7 years and coming up to 2 months being a vegan
Posted on 05-28-17, 10:36 pm in What are your greatest life achievements?
- Being alive
- Hacking Mario Maker
- Getting good friends on discord because school sucks
- growing my youtube channel
Posted on 05-27-17, 09:57 pm in What are your greatest life achievements? (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 06-08-17, 03:53 pm)
Sure we can talk about it No problem
Posted on 05-26-17, 08:46 pm in forumssuggestion Should we get a File Depot?
I might get a new 2ds XL tell me if i should get one
Posted on 05-26-17, 08:45 am in Toad Chat
I am more aware of how cool and trendy fidget spinners are
Posted on 05-25-17, 08:41 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 2 by zachabossaloler on 05-25-17, 08:42 pm)
Mayrosmm its a joke
Posted on 05-25-17, 03:03 pm in Toad Chat
Haha fidget spinners people bring 5 in to school then too many people had them so they got banned so the basically ruined it for the ADHD kids I just stick to using my fidget cube
Btw MayroSMM i am a helicopter
Posted on 05-25-17, 09:03 am in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by JeDaYoshi on 05-25-17, 10:17 am)
wow this is cool now no need to find them all
Posted on 05-25-17, 08:52 am in General New & NewerSMBW Modding Tools
Port as much as you like. :)
Posted on 05-24-17, 08:47 am in wiiu Hack Navigation!
I wanted to let's play this on my channel, but I found a bug: Its not letting me go right to the first level.
Posted on 05-23-17, 04:54 pm in nsmbw Cliff Super Mario Bros. Wii (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 05-26-17, 02:50 pm)
Wow cool I use brawlbox for windows
Posted on 05-23-17, 07:19 am in tutorial How to Convert Music for NSMBWii
Really sorry about that because a struggle with grammar also I was on mg phone
Posted on 05-22-17, 08:44 pm in Organisation