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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Woohoo! That's what I needed!
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
	printf("Hello World!");

I Like Mario.

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@MotoBadnik I did it because I'm planing to replace the Mario sprites with sonic sprites, the same will go for the music and sfx!


Please join Discord.


Hey! Just saw your GHZ mod for Maker, it looks promising! But I wondered, why didn't you use the Sprites from the 8-Bits version? It would fit better the titleset and SMB3 Style


Hello! Welcome to Mario Making Mods! Hope you have a fun time here, and have a good day.
"I Exist!"
Posted on 06-28-17, 07:07 pm in nsmbu Dragoneel U
Oh, Cool Can you make me A Mario maker theme it can be any picture, thanks!
Posted on 06-26-17, 10:20 pm in Post Layouts Guide
*Reading that while looking at your avatar...*
B E N D.
Posted on 06-25-17, 07:26 pm in Green Hill Zone (Port)
it will, soon very veeeerrry sooooooooooon. :P
Posted on 06-25-17, 03:26 am in Green Hill Zone (Port)
Can't be certain of that :P
Posted on 06-21-17, 02:58 am in GameBanana now has a SMM hacking page
Man, Who ever made the SMM GameBanana Page must be really cool :)
Posted on 06-20-17, 12:45 am in GameBanana now has a SMM hacking page
yeah! but its for SMM its on the game banana page
Posted on 06-06-17, 06:57 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone
this looks familiar to something im making...

Posted on 06-06-17, 06:43 pm in nsmbu Green Hill Zone