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So I wanted to edit the SM64 UI/HUD but it turns out I've made 18! different health bars, vote for the best! my favorite is 6 & 11.

P.S. I would have done a poll, and I did...then an error occurred so ain't no way in HELL am I doing that again.
Healthbar's_strip18.png — 102.95 KiB, viewed 81 times
Posted on 05-21-18, 04:05 pm (rev. 1 by Glitchy the SMM main on 05-21-18, 04:06 pm)
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I prefer #6, personally.
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Posted on 05-21-18, 07:39 pm
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I like #12
Posted on 05-26-18, 11:20 am
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What was broken when you made the poll?
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