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you’re an idiot

falling upwards

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falling upwards

Welcome! We hope you have a great time here! You can post mods, download mods from the community and chat with us! Enjoy your stay!
On an unrelated note, the initial post stretches the page due to the quote padding seemingly being fixed. The same goes for YouTube embeds.

I dislike Discord for a few other reasons such as the fact I've come across more creeps on it than any other service, the "pandering to meme lovers" mentality the development team have - they refuse to alter contrast of the light theme while acknowledging its problems (by forcing the dark theme for April Fools). Some people have a lot of difficulty reading dark themes (myself included). Many Discord-exclusive users also seem to conveniently ignore any other means of communication, and basically say "if you don't like Discord we can't talk", which is plain unfair. There was never this monopolisation of where to chat in the 90s-2000s, seems to mainly be a recent thing with the majority of current teenagers favouring lazy convenience over everything else.

It could be worth mentioning that it seems there's a shitload of transtrenders appearing exclusively lately on Twitter/Discord. Hanging around those people's servers, I witnessed a lot of "lewd RP" with people who claimed to be MtF or such and didn't seem in the slightest like any cis girl I've met anywhere...
Posted on 04-15-19, 11:46 am in Why I dislike Discord (rev. 2 by two50v on 04-15-19, 11:51 am)
The default theme should be changed to the last theme on the list, which is actually incorrectly named from my understanding. The layout should also be switched from the AcmlmBoard one on registration.

That "grassland" default theme is atrociously designed for a light theme. The edit profile tabs for instance are completely unreadable using it.

A few other usability issues I have include the horizontal scrolling not being very apparent in some areas such as the edit profile page, as well as the fact that the drop down buttons only work on mobile when you click the text itself. I have a common tendency to press to the right of the text. One other thing to point out is that the "page link list" on the homepage should be listed only at the bottom. I initially thought I was going through the "last posts" box but then only realised both page link lists control the updates shown... a bit redundantly placed.
Posted on 04-15-19, 11:42 am in Theme problems. (rev. 1 by two50v on 04-15-19, 11:53 am)
Well, I'll move it for neoarc. Although, yeah, General Chatter will be going to the bin soon.
I'd rather you actually didn't remove/lock the General Chatter forum. Maybe remove any other subforums contained in it, but it should still remain. Not everyone wants to join Discord servers and the like: I certainly don't after the constant problems I've had with the service in the past.

Also why has the introduction thread been trashed? That almost gives the impression that this forum is just about modding and doesn't care about the social side (even if it does exist on Discord). Especially given this forum is the first result for "Super Mario Maker modding" on Google on my end, that's rather off-putting.
Posted on 04-15-19, 11:29 am in I'm not so active (rev. 1 by two50v on 04-15-19, 11:36 am)