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^ says the one who ended up fucked in the head and nonce-like themselves. lmao

on a note, I forgot this site existed if I’m completely honest, but did notice my stuff was still here. Wouldn’t mind most of the profile bull being nuked as well as my username from the “IFA” acc, before this account goes from here too.

would rather be a bad memory worth not anyone looking into ever lol
Posted on 01-26-20, 01:51 am in Why I dislike Discord (rev. 2 by Jeyneko on 01-26-20, 01:58 am)
Where's the link gone to on the homepage just out of curiosity?
Posted on 11-12-18, 12:21 pm in Discord problems
Granted, you have to do them using 512MiB of RAM and Windows 98 FE.

I wish Windows Vista was liked more than 7.
Posted on 11-12-18, 12:20 pm in game Corrupt-a-wish
Could the current codebase that's used here be taken and then moved to GitLab, perhaps with the default theme being the white Bootstrap theme (which looks really professional).

GitHub isn't safe with Microsoft...
Posted on 11-12-18, 12:18 pm in MakerBoard Github Repo
I just basically came back onto here once again (I think this is the fifth account now?) because I was impatient to wait a couple hours... :P

Anyhow, I'm meant to be moderating a new thing by NightYoshi370, so reregistered to quickly see the forum software. I doubt I'll be on this side of the community often, though.

Looks nicer than it did previously (less inconsistent) and I really dig the white bootstrap theme. :)

@NightYoshi370, when you get around to doing the other board make sure you add fields for Steam/PSN/XBL because they'd be relevant to that site as well.
Posted on 11-12-18, 12:15 pm in Introduce yourself! (rev. 1 by Jeyneko on 11-12-18, 12:16 pm)