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Edit: Nevermind, I know how to use layers.

Well, how do you use layers? I really want to know since I am a really big fan of the NSMBU hacking community.

Well, Layer 0 is used to make these hidden areas like what you would see in Ghost Houses. Just make sure to enable "Layer 0 Spotlight" in the zone settings. Layer 1 is used for pretty much nearly everything else, except for layer 2, which is used for wall tiles. I could make an entirely different thread showing what the different layers mean.

So, are ground tiles supposed to be layer 1?
Posted on 11-30-19, 01:15 pm in nsmbu How do I use layers in NSMBU?
The download does not give me the download. It just leads to a site that tells me stuff that happened to the file. Please, can you give an updated download?
Posted on 11-17-19, 01:44 pm in smm wii u Volcano Theme Pack
When I tried to use it, I grabbed a fire flower and I was shooting out rectangles that tried to form a circle. I don't know what happened.
Posted on 11-10-19, 08:44 pm in wii unsmbu NSMBU Volcano Outside Theme
I added everything except StaticSkin because StaticSkin always crashes every mod on Cemu. [It might be my computer], I went onto the mod, I put the Boss Theme in and I put it in again. The NSMBU one sounded corrupted. Every single boss theme was corrupted in every game style. Is there a way to fix this without putting StaticSkin in?
Posted on 11-10-19, 08:36 pm in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Bros All-Stars