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First I did not create the Nyan Cat or Pop Tart cat, I just used the sprite images found online. Credit goes to the creator of the that and whoever made the sprites for it

Hey my kids like the PopTart cat as I call it and I figured that would be a perfect thing to put in Mario Maker for a Costume. This costume is skinned over Chibi-Robo, I used the download from the skin of Banjo Kazooie (credit to him as well, if needed) over Chibi Robo and went from there since I had no files dumped yet. I also have no sounds created yet (I plan to eventually for myself, unless people actually like this) but have a few issues that I have not worked out and not sure exactly how. I like creating skins for games and this game is perfect for that but I mostly just use MSPaint for photo editing but for this I got to help with png files.
Anyway here are the few issues I ran into or would like to fix/perfect if anyone's willing to help. The shoes/boot pic I cannot seem to get right, I kept making the image smaller but that didn't really change, if anyone wants to lend some help or fix it, that would be nice. Also the swimming is a little out of wack, I tried to make the cat dog paddle like tails in sonic 3 (or any dog for that matter) but it just kinda looks spazzy. I also used the tongue sprites just to implement them and figured it would look like it's drinking the water cause cats like to drink water? That part also looks weird but I could probably make that look a little nicer but the swimming is what I need help with more. The last main part I'm most concerned about is the running animation. I tried adding the rainbow to that but I had to shrink the sprite and shorten the rainbow in order for it to work, which made it shrink the image, but I made it look okay. So my question is, is it possible to change the size of costumes or is it based on the costume you use and you have to stick with that size? One last nit pick would be the turn image, it's something I just made figuring it would work and it looks okay I suppose but if someone had a better idea that would be okay as well.

Let me know if this is okay to post, I've never uploaded anything I've skinned over before so I hope this is okay and people like it :P
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