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Well, mainly, I was watching one of Ceave Gamings videos, and I noticed that he had a really good idea for Skewer based timers, so today, I'll be showing you all how to make a skewer timer. For this example, we're going to make it trigger a P switch, but you could make it trigger anything really.

For this example, well be using an area, that is 6 blocks high and 8 blocks wide.

So on the 6th row, 8th column, place a P switch.
On the 1st row, 8th column, place a mucher.
On the second, third, fourth & fifth row, and the sixth, seventh and eighth column, place stone block. It should be above the P-Switch and below the muncher.
On the second, third, fourth & fifth row, and the first, second, third and fourth column, place the skewer.
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
Posted on 09-18-17, 03:19 am