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Well, I've seen many users have this issue when coming to uploading images, so I've created a simple tutorial on how to do so.

Part one: Uploading the actual image.

for this, we will be using imgur but you can use pretty much anything as long as you get the actual IMG URL

1. Go to imgur's website.
2. Click "New Post".
3. Click "Browse"
4. Browse through your files and try to find your image.
5. You have now uploaded the image.

Part two: Getting the image from imgur to the forum.

1. Below where it says "Give your post a title...", if you hover over the image, it should show you a URL link, a copy button and a dropdown. Click on the dropdown.
2. Click "Get Share Links"
3. Below "BBCode (Forums)", there should be a copy button, click it.
4. Paste it in your post.
5. change the [im g] (Remove the space between the m and the g) to [im g*s*] and do the same for the end tag.
6. Enjoy your embed picture
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
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