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Since: 10-28-17
We need to complete the mystery mushrooms for new Fire Emblem amiibo line.

We need:
Corrin (Male)
Corrin (Female) (AKA Player 2)
Posted on 10-28-17, 03:01 pm
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Since: 05-18-17
From: Planet MemesXL44
How? As a hack or on remaker? I don't play, but I could attempt the pixel art.
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Posted on 10-28-17, 06:23 pm
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From: Mushroom Kingdom
Um, do you have the needed sprites?
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Posted on 10-31-17, 01:59 pm
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Since: 10-28-17

I need custom sprites for the following (in SMB1 style, similar to Marth, Ike, Lucina and Robin):

  1. Corrin
  2. Corrin (Player 2)
  3. Alm
  4. Celica
  5. Chrom
  6. Tiki

Actually, we need them for BOTH as a mod, and for ReMaker, and this is a request for me.

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