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Since: 07-12-18
My request is this:
The Sky theme and Night theme in Super Mario Maker 1!

SMB1: Ghost House and Airship is replaced with Night and Athletic

SMB3: Ghost House is replaced with Night

SMW: Done already

But not for NSMBU, unless if your heart desires.

For the musics:
Look up "Super Mario Maker 2 Soundtrack" and go to the YT channel named SimonCucho for edit and play modes of SMB1 Athletic and edit mode for SMW Athletic (and for the Hurry Up music, put the SMB1 and SMW Athletic play mode at 1.25 speed) and then go to the YT channel named Dystify Music for SMB1 and SMB3 Night musics with the Hurry Up music (but the edit music has to be the SMB 1&3 Ground edit music)

That’s all so chop chop!
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