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First, you will need HxD hex editor (any other hex editor will work, I just recommend HxD). Once you have downloaded and installed HxD hex editor, you will need to decompress your main Nso file so it can be edited. To decompress any Nso file, you will need hactool, which is a tool used for decompressing Nso files. Place both hactool.exe and your main Nso file on your Desktop, and open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, type cmd and hit enter. Type, cd Desktop, hit enter and type, hactool --uncompressed=main_uncompressed -t nso0 main. It should decompress your main Nso file so it can be edited. Open HxD hex editor, and click the file button, then the open button, and choose the main Nso file on your Desktop. Press Ctrl + G, type the offset of the value you want to edit, and hit ok. Write the value specified in main_patches.txt to the bytes at the offset you specified, and press Ctrl + s to save your file when you have finished editing it. After that, you can load it with Yuzu or Atmosphere.

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