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Hey, ladies and gentlemen! I making a new hack with level design and aesthetics.


Super Mario gets a cake from Peach in Peach’s Castle. Oh no! Bowser’s kidnapped Peach. He’s against Bowser! The four eggs has been stolen by Bowser’s Neon. Hurry up, Super Mario!

Now, let’s show us with screenshots:

In the news, I probably finish World 3 this month and start World 4 coming this December. I will make a trailer coming soon! Stay tuned, guys!

Posted on 11-30-18, 02:03 am
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Smell like... create a mod!
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Smell like... Create a level!
Posted on 11-30-18, 06:46 am
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Hey, guys! A new trailer has been released! Enjoy this weekend!

Posted on 12-02-18, 08:39 am
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Ok, I have a bunch of cool things to say and some not so great critisizm.

The red font on the red and black gradient isn't so nice. I can see what you tried to do (twilight doom so you need red) but I feel like it should be simply black.

I think you should make it so that the grass doesn't take up hath of the titlescreen.

The text is decent, but I think you should try and change the bg so that it's Princess Toadstool's castle.

Decent, but maybe add decorations?

With a slope like that, I think you should add a wing'd koopa troopa.

Well, this adds a nice sense of realism to Mario. Though, it would have been cool if it were a different tile.
Also, you should make the mid-way point be on the ground instead of floating.

So this is a nice idea. I think it can be improved upon.
Have the charging chuck on the semi-solid instead of the slope. Have the koopa on the other semi-solid as well
You can also add a little yoshi coin in-between the two sets of coins

I think you should make the bridges two tiles long instead of one tile. Controls in SMW aren't like controls in NSMBW (where you have the triple jump) so not making this kaizo-like would be nice.
You make one small mistake in your alignment? You fall straight into lava and have to go all the way back to the beginning, which is frustrating
Atleast this isn't a sonic game, where stuff like this will impact your speed, and speed with precision do not go together.

I think you should make the bg and the tiles different colors. It's a bit hard to tell which one is which.

In 0:14, I think you should make the sloped semisolid at least one pixel away from the pipe.

I completely disagree with 0:32. You need to try and land on a one-tile moving koopa troopa....twice.
I understand that you're trying to do a shortcut for skill full players, but due to the way the SMW camera is, it can frustrate players.
Not to mention, right below it is water. That would be fine if the transition from water back to land made sense. In this case, you need to hit an invisible block to get up to high ground only to go back to low ground later.
Why not just make a sloped surface between the water and the low ground? Would be cool to see Mario try to avoid a charging chuck while trying to get out of the water.

Then, the part right afterwards is a flying hammer bro, directly at ground level. Why not make it slightly raised?
In the next room, you have a room in which you need to throw blocks to get rid of the blockage. Though, I don't think throwable blocks is that good.
Instead, how about a P switch you can get by killing the flying hammer bro, getting on top of the flying blocks, jumping onto a sloped semisolid and hitting a block which contains the switch.
Or how about using Yoshi? I think you can break blocks using a (red) yoshi and a (red) koopa troopa. I could be wrong, but I think it's do-able.

1:03 is a nono in my books. You have to wait quite a bit in order to pass through. I don't really like waiting for a while for stale objects in platformers. I don't care about waiting for moving platforms, cause those serve a purpose
Why not do what 1-1 did and have space between the two pipes. You can even add a slope now due to the seperativeness, and even add a goomba in between.
Same for 3:03

Anyways, this is a pretty solid hack. Good job. I give this an 8/10 from what I see so far
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Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
Posted on 12-02-18, 10:59 pm
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The hack is out now! Grab the hack and play!
If found a bug or glitch, please report this hack.
Posted on 12-03-18, 11:10 am