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Since: 10-22-17
Hey I can use the internet now and am making SMM themes again because I got nothing better to do
I'm going to be working on all of these at some point or another, but for now I'm mainly working on the M&L DT themes.
Overworld - Dreamy Wakeport
Underground - Dreamy Pi'illo Castle
Underwater - Dreamy Driftwood Shore
Ghost House - Dream's Forbidden Depths
Airship (remove camera bobbing) - Dreamy Downtown Wakeport
Castle - Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
I've only got some progress on the Overworld theme, but it's a lot of progress.
Posted on 04-17-19, 02:50 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 1 by IronFoxGaming on 04-17-19, 06:42 pm)