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Since: 11-26-17
Hey, just to say:

I won't be on the Internet anymore. When I made a questionable and exaggerative comment on Twitter stating that I was going to do something rather severe, somebody reported it to the police. They managed to track down the alias "Amy Scarlett" to my address after about eight hours, and basically, after that it was decided I'm not allowed anywhere near a computer again until at least I've moved out of my parents' home, in order to prevent anything else happening again like the events of the past year or so of my life. If you're wondering how I am typing this I am at school right now (it's snowed and I'm the ONLY person in year 11 who's present).

I'll probably focus on my life and getting a job that I'd be devoted to before coming back, so it might be a good 2-3 years before anyone sees me again. It might be earlier if anything improves IRL in the next while, but... idk.

I'm not even sure if I'm going to return to such communities. Most of you from the current Acmlm communities would have likely moved on by 2-3 years due to life stuff.

Okay, I'll be off. See ya maybe again one day :)
Posted on 02-27-18, 01:41 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by Kirisame M on 02-27-18, 01:42 pm)