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Mine are, Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing, Miitopia and maybe Scribblenauts.

Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing is what I love the most.
Miitopia is great.
And Scribbenauts is ok for me.
Posted on 09-11-17, 04:11 am in What is/are your favourite Videogame/s ?
nah, it's just because it's pretty horrible made on propose
Posted on 09-10-17, 12:08 pm in remaker Knuckles Theme
knock knock it's knuckles

oh no

Download link:

i made this theme because i'm bored
and this took an hour to make

i need a life
Posted on 09-10-17, 06:08 am in remaker Knuckles Theme (rev. 3 by Nhoxxinh on 09-10-17, 06:36 am)
Hi guys, I'm new in this forum, and this is my first thread, so...

I'm gonna release my Costume Pack for Super Mario ReMaker,

There are 19 Costumes in this Costume Pack.

The costumes are in this are...

Darkwing Duck (Made by Nhoxxinh, owned by Disney)
Jaiden Animations (Made by Daniel T. Gaming)
John Doe (Made by Nhoxxinh, the voice clips are from GroovyDominoes52's Video)
Jun Jie Gaming (Made By Nhoxxinh, also Nhoxxinh's friend in Discord)
Lengieal (Made By Nhoxxinh, also Nhoxxinh's friend in Discord)
Mario - Super Mario (Made By Nhoxxinh, but the sprites are made from Neweegee)
Mega Man (Made by Nhoxxinh)
Modern Mario (Made by Nhoxxinh)
Nessy (Made by Nhoxxinh, and also the character is made by Daniel T. Gaming)
Nhoxxinh (Made by Nhoxxinh, myself, and also the flagpole music is made by DoctorOctoroc and the shoot SFX is made by the BBC)
Offical President of United States of SizzleTown (ZikaDaven) (Made by Nhoxxinh, and also Nhoxxinh's friend in Discord, and also made the United States of SizzleTown aka Bootleg America)
Papyrus (Made by Nhoxxinh, but the sprites is made by Dimpsy)
Pyrocyincal (Made by Daniel T. Gaming)
Sans (Made by NightYoshi370, but the sprites is made by Dimpsy)
Scrooge McDuck (Made by Nhoxxinh, and owned by Disney)
Sonic The Hedgehog from Sonic's Pocket Adventure (Made by Nhoxxinh)
Super Mario (Made by Nhoxxinh, but the sprites are made from Neweegee)
TheOdd1sOut (Made by Nhoxxinh)
ZataRaven (Made by Nhoxxinh, also the same person as ZikaDaven)

You can showcase the costume pack whatever you want if you credit me for the costume pack.

Update: Please download the new one, the old download is outdated.
Attachment: Nhoxxinh's Costume Pack!.rar
1.95 MiB — Downloaded 217 times
Posted on 09-09-17, 05:02 pm in Nhoxxinh's Costume Pack! (rev. 3 by Nhoxxinh on 09-10-17, 05:47 am)
I rather use a existing sprite of Donald Duck instead of a fan-made one.
Posted on 09-09-17, 03:40 am in remaker Donald Duck (Mickey Mouse)