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Happy Birthday!



Glitchy the SMM main

The big D.T.G. himself, nice to see you here




oh my god its dainel T im a huge fan of your youtube channel


good mod

Daniel T. Gaming




Hüseyin the Mighty

welcome Daniel!
I made the original SMM mod. I don't have any problem with you making this since mine is for the original SMM, and not to mention, it's all owned by Nintendo & not by either one of us.
Posted on 10-29-19, 01:39 am in smm2 Super Mario Bros. Special Mod for SMM2
Doesn't that look familiar 👀
Posted on 10-28-19, 08:26 pm in smm2 Super Mario Bros. Special Mod for SMM2
Super Mario Maker 2 comes out in about 2 months, so to celebrate the release, I decided to remake a new theme that was shown off in one of the new trailers for the game, called the "Sky" theme.

It replaces the airship theme (because of the background) and it recreates the cloud tiles and newly revealed "rainbow" semi-solid platform. It's not 100% accurate, it's just trying to replicate the pictures as close as possible.

Download the mod here:
Posted on 05-05-19, 06:07 pm in Mario Maker 2 SMW "Sky" Theme Mod

This is an updated version of an SMM mod made by me and my friend, PickPen (@Evan_Doodle) originally titled,"Guest Star, @RAMIRO_SOWUT". This updated version is called, obviously,"Guest Star: Penny The Porcupine (& Many Other OCs from Twitter Artists)". As the name implies, this mod adds a bunch of characters from Artists/People we like on Twitter, as well as cameos of characters from the rare Japanese only version of SMB, All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

Watch The Trailer Here:

Download Here:!XOBU1YQb

Key to download the mod: 1yk046_jDWBi1_Ys2S4PIO8IdDXLcTbf3_9Gss-Edcc



@ayyk92 (Original Creator of Bowsette)


@Daniel_T_1985 (Me)


@Evan_Doodle (Created the sprites for the mod)

@hiroshisaiwai (Made the 8-Bit Bowsette)







Posted on 11-11-18, 07:59 pm in Guest Star: Penny The Porcupine (SMB1 Mod) (rev. 3 by Daniel T. Gaming on 11-11-18, 11:16 pm)

Or atleast as close as possible!

Credits to Daniel T. for the mod and GRAnimated for the thread!


This mod changes all of the SMB1 theme to reflect

the look of the original NES as close as possible.

This includes enemies, tiles, and more.


Overworld Image

Underground Image

Castle Image

Ending Image


You can download the mod here.

Posted on 06-27-18, 04:12 am in SMB NES Color Scheme Mod
This is a mod that me and my friend, PickPen (@Evan_Doodle on Twitter) that replaces Super Mario Maker enemies and characters with Twitter Artists.

List of people in this mod:







and the Guest Star: @RAMIRO_SOWUT

Watch the trailer here:

Download link here:
Posted on 05-06-18, 08:45 pm in Guest Star @RAMIRO_SOWUT (rev. 6 by Daniel T. Gaming on 05-06-18, 08:57 pm)

The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures was released in 2013. I've always loved the game, and I thought about wanting to create courses using the aesthetics of it. I've recreated the course "Future F-ckballs 2010" in Super Mario Maker ( After knowing how to hack SMM, I wondered what I was gonna do next. And thus, my curiosity began to emerge and thought about what possibilities I have for a new mod. And so, I went with the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. The mod itself was a pain to make, since I individually recreated Most of the sprites myself, but the Happy Fun Candy Time (Ground) and Nerd sprites were ripped by the Spriters Resource user, Mario1999562. I had to edit them a bit so they would not only fit the grid of the Super Mario Brothers 3 sprite sheet, but so they could go along with the Small, Super, and Fire thing as well. Buntendo is also working on a Sound pack for it (It's coming soon, because there are some bugs with it that we'll be fixing) and NightYoshi370 is helping with a 3DS port of the mod, which will also be coming soon.

Ground: Happy Fun Candy Time

Underground: Future F-ckballs 2010

Ghost House: A--holevania

Airship: Beat It and Eat It

Castle: Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts

Watch the trailer here:

Wii U Download:

Posted on 02-27-18, 05:37 pm in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Mod
No... I'm being serious... I hate the one I made. What the f--k was I thinking?
Posted on 01-24-18, 10:44 pm in Mario Making Mods Logo Voting
*barfs uncontrollably* JESUS CHRIST!! Daniel's design is HORRIBLE!! GOD!! *continues barfing* WHO COULD CREATE SUCH A CANCEROUS ABOMINATION TO SOCIETY?!?!
Posted on 01-24-18, 09:23 pm in Mario Making Mods Logo Voting
This is a mod I've wanted to work on for so long. And now... it's done. This is a mod I created where it replaces the regular Super Mario Brothers style with the PC-8801 and the Sharp X1's Super Mario Brothers Special.

Download the mod here:
Posted on 01-24-18, 05:06 pm in Super Mario Brothers Special Theme (rev. 2 by NightYoshi370 on 01-24-18, 05:20 pm)
Thanks & thanks for clarifying what you meant :)

Posted on 10-25-17, 12:35 am in wii u Super Mario Maker - Night Time Mod
"If you ever do post a course with this mod but you're scared of Nintendo banning you"
Can you explain what you mean by that? Graphic edits are not in uploaded course data. Packs appear locally only, from any method I'm aware of.

It's because mods can look so different compared to the original source (like GRAnimated's SMW Minecraft Mod) Nintendo could end up being suspicious about it and take courses down. And when you save a course with the theme and upload it, the custom theme stays with it on the thumbnail when uploading. I'm just wanting to be safe, considering the fact that Nintendo likes to take down courses that don't follow their guide. That also goes along with your courses. I know about you, Psycrow. I've seen your hacked courses (like Journey to the Sphinx)... and they are freaking INTENSE. So if Nintendo can't let you upload courses like that, then I'm sure Nintendo's sensitive butts won't let us upload courses with custom themes.
Posted on 10-24-17, 11:35 pm in wii u Super Mario Maker - Night Time Mod
As you may know, there was NEVER a ghost house theme in Super Mario Brothers. And there wasn't a night theme in SMM's SMB1. So I thought it'd be interesting to replace the Ghost House in SMB1 with Night. I've always wanted night in SMM, but Nintendo never did it, and fans hated that. So I decided to take the time to replace something that wasn't in SMB1 to something that WAS in SMB1.

It includes the Sprites and Sounds of the Ground Theme. If you ever do post a course with this mod but you're scared of Nintendo banning you from the SMM server, save your course, turn off your Wii U, turn it back on to reset everything about mods (Haxchi, CFW Booter, SDCafiine, etc.) save and upload the course so there's no signs of a mod.

Download for Wii U:
Posted on 10-24-17, 06:11 pm in wii u Super Mario Maker - Night Time Mod (rev. 1 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 10-24-17, 06:13 pm)