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Posted on 09-11-18, 11:20 pm in What's your favorite Pokemon?
Well I can't seem to find any quotes.
Posted on 09-09-18, 08:52 pm in The Quotes Thread
I like the N64 because it seems to be the most nostalgic console that isn't an SNES or NES.
Posted on 09-09-18, 08:48 pm in What's your favorite Nintendo Console?
It's a joke/spam forum, and you can meme there.
Posted on 09-09-18, 08:47 pm in Come check out the end of the forums!
Looks creepy.
Posted on 09-09-18, 08:46 pm in smm wii u NSMBU Negative Overworld theme
Because of its spoopy atmosphere.
Posted on 09-08-18, 11:49 am in What environment in NSMB1 is your favorite?
US names are incorrect.
Posted on 09-08-18, 11:48 am in Typos in the kirby ranks
What IS your favorite soda?
Posted on 09-08-18, 11:45 am in What's your favourite soda?
We're at the end of the forums.
Posted on 09-08-18, 11:43 am in Well, we're here.
This is awesome!
Posted on 09-08-18, 11:42 am in wii usmm2 wip New Super Mario Bros DS
It was a quiz question!

Posted on 09-08-18, 11:40 am in What's your favorite Pokemon?
It's cool!
Posted on 09-02-18, 04:15 pm in smm wii unsmbu version Jungle Background
This is an all english community
Posted on 09-01-18, 06:04 pm in Introduce yourself!
In what game is pikachu a starter?
Posted on 09-01-18, 03:55 pm in What's your favorite Pokemon?
I like Ghost house the best
Posted on 08-31-18, 11:16 pm in What environment in NSMB1 is your favorite?
How do we battle people and can I battle the newest member?
Posted on 08-31-18, 11:12 pm in How do we battle people?
I wanna see the snow theme next!
Posted on 08-31-18, 11:09 pm in nsmbu Desert Theme
Pikachu is a great favorite pokemon.
Posted on 08-31-18, 09:05 pm in What's your favorite Pokemon?
Vanilla Mariomaker updated? Cool.
Posted on 08-30-18, 11:39 pm in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped
This music was in Super Diagonal Mario 2 the ultimate meme machine.
Posted on 08-30-18, 09:55 pm in Some Touhou music and remixes